“Shithole countries…..”

Racist. Bigoted.

Nordic. Aryan.

Authoritarian today. Totalitarian tomorrow.

Democracy being tested as never before.

Finally! Got new eyeglasses yesterday. Took 2 months and 3 prescriptions. I can see! Everything distinct and visible. Street signs, buildings, etc. Colors vibrant. Like when I had cataracts removed 35 years ago.

Dinner last night at La Trattoria with Jean Thornton. My  Birmingham hostess following my escape from Irma. Husband Joe was supposed to join us. He has pneumonia. Very tired.

They return to Birmingham today. Will return 3 months from now. Two months at home in Birmingham followed by a one month trip to some part of Europe.

Following dinner, Jean went to Vino’s and I to the Chart Room.

I was to meet Kentucky David at the Chart Room. He was waiting when I arrived.

Met David here a few years ago. He and his wife are snowbirds. They own a second home in Bahama Village. Kentucky home. David a die hard Kentucky fan.

The blog brought us together. Occasionally, we watch a game together at Jack Flatts. On an evening when both Syracuse and Kentucky are playing. Though not each other. We sit at the bar next to each other. Two TV sets in front of us. One with the Syracuse game, the other Kentucky.

David has taken to writing. A mystery. He told me about it.

Takes place in Key West. His fact pattern amazing. David has a vivid imagination. Characters and events I could never come up with.

My publisher advised me once to write a mystery or love story. They sell the best, he said.

I could not get into the mystery. I lacked the necessary imagination. Tried a love story. Publisher said lots of sex. Thought the writing would be a snap. No, again. I found it difficult to put on paper that which I might have experienced.

Met Laura and Jamey. From Iowa City, Iowa. Told them how much I admired Iowans. Shared with them the loving story of my Iowa friends Cindy and Tom.

Jamey sells financial products. Laura a stay at home Mom. Three children.

Laura and Jamey were married at the Pier House 9 years ago. They have returned to Key West once a year since.

Walmart announced yesterday that the new tax law made it possible to do something for its employees. The starting hourly wage was raised to $11 an hour, employee benefits expanded, and bonuses up to $1,000 depending on length of employment.

Sounded good.

Walmart failed to announce plans to close  60 or 63 Sam’s Clubs. Affects 11,000 employees. They received notices of the closings via FedEx during the day. Some went to work before receiving the notice to find locked doors and signs indicating the closing.

Give with one hand and take back with the other. Hero and heel at the same time.

I am old enough to remember Amos ‘n’ Andy. A popular radio show when I was a kid. A comedy.

Two fast talking black men from the Deep South who moved to Chicago to seek their fortunes. However, the black men were not black. They were white men imitating black men. Freeman Gosden and Charles Carrell.

Amos ‘n’ Andy became the most popular radio program in American history. Ran 22 years.

I mention Amos ‘n’ Andy because I recall frequently listening to it. And because on this day in 1926, the show first aired.

Broadway Joe Namath. Alabama football star. New York Jets star quarterback.

Super Bowl III time. Pro football divided into two leagues. The NFL and AFL. The AFL relatively new. The NFL tried and true. Considered superior.

Two teams met this date in 1969 in Super Bowl III. New York Jets vs. Baltimore Colts. The money on the Colts.

Three days before the game, Namath announced to the world the Jets would win. In fact, he guaranteed it.

The Jets did win. 17-6. One of the greatest upsets in American sports history.

Enjoy your day!



  1. RE: DJT45 and his opinions

    I think we know that DJT45 has #nofilter. That being said, we all KNOW that there is a gem of truth in the feeling. Despite living in God’s paradise, it seems that the corrupt local Gooferments turn “paradise” into a “slum” with relative ease. Look at Chicago, Detroit, Philadelphia, and NYC for example.

    Immigrants who want to come her and work are needed; those that come for the dole are not.

    Those that come to share the best of their home lands are welcome to “melt” into our pot; those that want to make us like their home are not.

    While he made be crude, I understand what he’s reflecting. And, I want the best for everyone, but I don’t want to subsidize bad behavior and bad decisions.


  2. Shithole isn’t the offensive part. Trump asking why is the offensive part. He’s asking for a reason someone should have the opportunity to be an American. He believes some people deserve the chance and others don’t at least in part based on country of birth. The vulgar language is boorish but his underlying thinking—that America is for white people—is cruel and insidious.

    • fjohn – Your rational of this President of the United States sounds more cultish, than it does anything serious.

      And I’m sure I’m not the only one who finds your statement “…I don’t want to subsidize bad behavior and bad decisions” hilarious, considering the source at issue (#filter, Donald Trump).

  3. Trump’s language was crude and the words poorly chosen, as is often the case. But in fact, sadly, there are sh**hole countries in this world. I have been to some of them in Africa and South America. When you witness dirty children wearing rags while their mothers forage for food in dumps, you become acutely aware of the distinction between first world and third world countries. There are far too many countries that meet Trump’s profane characterization.

    Trump referred to the countries in his disparaging remark, not to the people who reside there. Most are good people trying to survive in horrible circumstances that most Americans cannot imagine. The media leaps to the conclusion that his reference to sh**hole countries is actually a condemnation of these people. Hence, he must be racist.

    If we as a nation shy away from open immigration of these destitute, uneducated, needy people, are we wrong to do so? Should we take in every desperate person from sh**thole countries to feed, clothe, house, educate and support them and the mulitude of family members to follow. It presents a moral dilemma doesn’t it.

    So let’s not talk about that issue at all. It’s much easier to denounce the President’s racism on the same day that he spoke out in honor of Dr Martin Luther King.

  4. This ‘crude or rude’ statement was allegedly made in a closed meeting with no recorder running. One person has claimed this statement was made, its believed to be Durbin.
    The statement, if it was made, I agree, was not made toward the people, but toward the country itself.
    Trump haters are going to be Trump haters.

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