David Wolkowsky was a friend. A great man. A Dreamer. He returned to Key West in late 1962. His home town a community of shacks, dirt roads, and mud beaches.

David was a visionary. He saw what others could not. He knew Key West could recover the greatness it had lost.

David’s accomplishments in that regard labeled him the father of modern Key West.

David died 3 months ago at 99. Those fortunate to have known him felt an inexplainable loss. He was a great man. A simple person. He touched us.

David enjoyed several homes. His primary residence at 1014 Flagler, a roof top penthouse on Duval, and Ballast Key 16 miles out into the Gulf.

A sadness is developing within me. From friday to sunday, an estate sale will be held at David’s Flagler residence. His personal effects to be sold. Each a beauty in itself. Each a part of him.

As each item goes out the door, his life will be dissembled piece by piece.

Except for one item. The City of Key West. As Michelangelo as the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.

Sue Puskedra of Susie’s Estate sales is handling the sale. I know Sue. A well respected women in Key West. Personally and professionally. She will make sure the disposition of David’s personal items will be accomplished with a dignity befitting the man.

Irma hit the Keys more than a year ago. Some 15 months ago on September 10, 2017.

Not to be forgotten.

Recovery still ongoing. Problems two-fold. Insufficient monies from the federal government and a slowness locally in the issuance of building permits. Much cannot be done in goosing the federal government into more promptly meeting its obligations. However County offices responsible for permitting could move faster.

A hurricane recovery does not represent ordinary times. The County should spend the money and hire the necessary additional persons required to get the job done expeditiously.

Big Pine took a major hit. People still living in tents and shacks. Time to return them to normalcy.

My podcast last night. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou.

I was tired of Trump, Trump, Trump. Decided to do a show without anything of significance involving Trump. Accomplished it. Instead of Donald, topics included anti-Semitism, Judaeo-Nazis, Israel’s influence on American legislation, Terri and how the blind can see, Rick Pitino coaching in Greece, and China having a toilet paper problem with regard to its public toilets.

There is more to the world besides Trump.

Syracuse friends Chris and Don back in Key West. They visit four times a year. Great people! Known and loved by everyone!

Fellow fanatic Syracuse supporters, of course. We have already made plans to watch the Syracuse/Notre Dame game saturday at noon. Probably at Jack Flats.

Nature is not consistent. Has strange ways.

One is the flow of water, what affects it, etc.

The time January 2, 1857. Key West’s William R. Hackley wrote in his diary that the calm weather which had lasted so long had affected Keys’ water. Fresh water from the Everglades had drifted down to the Keys. In certain areas, the water was fresh enough to drink. And drink the people did.

He also mentioned that Keys’ fish continued to die. All kinds in great numbers.

Leaves me confused. The water clean enough for human consumption, but deadly to fish. Can it be?

Major league confrontation today in Washington. Trump and eight legislative leaders. The issue the shutdown. Trump has suggested he “wants to make a deal.”

Going to be interesting!

Romney will be a thorn in Trump’s side. Not yet sworn in as a U.S. Senator, he issued an Opinion piece to the Washington Post. Romney threw the gauntlet down. The new sheriff is in town!

Romney wrote, “The President shapes the public character of the nation. Trump’s character falls short…..the President has not risen to the mantle of the office.”

Enemies within, enemies without.

The last time the U.S. was confronted with an enemy from within was the years leading up to and the Civil War itself. Then came enemies from without which resulted in wars. Included are the Spanish American War, World War I, and World War II.

Today, the U.S. is first and foremost confronted by an enemy from within. President Donald Trump. A man lacking in character and morals. One leading the Nation to disruption and destruction internally and world wide.

Government “of the people, by the people, and for the people” is slipping away.

Time for Americans to stand up, speak up, and act courageously. The greatest challenge confronting this generation.

We must be up to it. To be as those World War II veterans. Those “who fought for the soul of the nation.”

That is the way it is.

Enjoy your day.

15 comments on “SAD WEEKEND AHEAD

  1. You Say “There is more to the world besides Trump.” But, if we ignore him and let him get away with whatever he wants, big or small, there won’t be a world worth much with him!

    • Hysterical much? The world will be just fine when Trump is gone. It’s the emotional reaction to him that is causing the “trouble”.

      • This is not hysteria, this is outrage and it needs to be heard, discussed and acted upon. Hysteria is where somebody sends bombs in the mail to political foes in an effort to politically persuade a situation. Get you BS straight Nero, Rome is burning and denying it makes you either blind, a coward, or a subversive traitor.

        • There is no separation of the man/woman and the office, they are united for a brief time. The integrity of the office and the ability of the man/woman to rise to the standard and uphold the office. Some rise well above and some do not, Trump does not even get off the ground.

        • Here, I will help you with that…

          Hysteria: exaggerated or uncontrollable emotion or excitement, especially among a group of people.

          • Well then, that proves it’s not Hysteria, but thanks anyhow. Probably time you try and improve your comprehension. Please read (try a dictionary) the definition of “outrage.”

      • Doing nothing cannot be an option any more. That is what Putin wants. All tyrants and bullies prosper and succeed when no one does anything about it.

    • Surely, this is a strange time with an even stranger President, the media has a lot to cover. Tell me, when did America truly care about world news and politics beyond their own interest.

        • …what the average american knows or cares to know about what is outside our borders pales to what they know about us.

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