Another sad occurrence in the Orlando area yesterday. A 2 year old boy taken away by an alligator. The place was the Seven Seas Lagoon at a Disney hotel. The boy was running through one foot of water when the alligator attacked.

There were signs nearby No Swimming. The parents were nearby on the beach.

Alligators are a growing problem in Florida. I wrote about their danger several months ago. One or two had shown up in the Florida keys.

The mass shootings the other sadness. Forty nine dead. More than fifty injured. Most, very seriously.

I am not going to bore you with details. We all know them. Some observations, however.

Patience Carter was one of those shot. Her legs. She hid in a bathroom stall while the killer was shooting people on the other side of the stall door.

She wrote a touching poem of the incident. It is all over the internet. I recommend you view it.

One of Patience’s lines: “The guilt of being alive is heavy.”

Religion is taken to the extreme in our country. God is invoked many times tastelessly. Whether correct, immaterial. There is a time to refrain from adverse comments. Especially extreme ones. Regardless of personal beliefs.

There are those of us who believe we are all God’s children.

My observations motivated by the comments of three ministers re the Orlando shootings.

A Baptist minister in California thought the 50 deaths were good. Rid the world of 50 pedophiles.

Another in Tempe, Arizona uttered a similar line. The dead were sodomites. He referred to them as perverts.  Claimed as per the Bible, they should be put to death. Even went so far as to say that a righteous government would execute them.

Then comes Pat Robertson. Purportedly a man of God. Has spewed hatred over the years. He recommended good people sit on the sidelines and let homosexuals be killed. Let the Muslim and homosexual societies fight/kill each other.

With Trump suddenly going down in the polls, some of his followers are taking attacking positions. My blog comments reflect it. This blog. The blog I write every morning. The venom falls from their lips.

A scary situation.

Yesterday was Flag Day. Flags at Bayview Park flown at half mast. Half mast in sorrow for the Orlando attack. I assume flags were at half mast throughout the country.

I was up at 4:30 this morning. Have a very early morning visit with Dr. Mc Ivor. My heart doctor. Fasting blood work and an echo test. I wanted to be sure to get the blog out before leaving.

Enjoy your day!



  1. “With Trump suddenly going down in the polls, some of his followers are taking attacking positions.”

    Trump is the mouthpiece for a lot of evil, nasty rhetoric that rivals ISIS and their evil, nasty rhetoric and horrific deeds. We see what ISIS is doing, what will Trump and his haters do if they get power?

    Also, it will be interesting to see what the NRA and their bought and paid for Republican congressman have to say about banning human killing assault weapons. They sure don’t make good animal hunting weapons unless you want to chew on bullet fragments. At this point, they even allow known terrorists such as the killer in Orlando to buy them. Obama talked about this fact two weeks ago before the slaughter and decried that even known terrorist sympathizers can head to the guns store to “weapon up.” I suppose the NRA will insist that the terrorists really have a Constitutional right to buy rocket launchers and missiles to take down our aircraft and blow-up our schoolkids from afar. After all, isn’t that what the Founding Fathers wanted?

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