Ernest Hemingway wrote, “Once we have war there is only one thing to do. It must be won. For defeat brings worse things than any that can ever happen in war.”

Words of wisdom. History proves him correct. There are instances however where the atrocities committed during a war are extremely cruel and hard to believe.

Such is the war Putin has imposed on the Ukraine.

Rape. The women of Ukraine the victims. Age immaterial. As young as 8, as old as into the 60’s and 70’s, some at gunpoint, rapes in front of children.

When the rapists are done, the bodies of many of their victims left dead in the streets. Some naked. Some dead from the multiple sex acts perpetrated upon them, others killed by the Russian soldiers when they have finished with them.

Civilians killed for no reason at all. Some killed for the sake of killing while walking a street or riding a bicycle. Other bodies found on streets with the hands of the victims tied behind and a bullet in the head. Execution style.

One victim a man. Not involved in the war. Shot as he was walking a street. A number of soldiers shot him repeatedly in one leg. Shot his leg completely off. Then all fired their rifles into the man’s chest.

My suggestion that Putin be publicly hung in Red Square too easy an ending for him. Excuse my suggestion. Putin’s penalty should be equal to his crime, if such is possible. Cut off his genitals while he is alive and screaming, shove them in his mouth, and then hang him.

Women’s basketball has reached the point of excellence.

The Final Four Championship game for women was last night. South Carolina beat Connecticut 64-49.

South Carolina has protested a civic issue all season. Racial injustice. The team and coach have remained in the locker room during the national anthem to express their protest. Every home game this season as well as all the NCAA tournament games. Including the Championship game.

The protest has been orchestrated by South Carolina coach Dawn Staley.

The end of the basketball season tonight. The men’s Championship game. North Carolina v. Kansas State.

I have no particular preference. Based on the games I have seen, I suspect Kansas will win.

Two interesting Comments to the blog the past few days. I share them with you.

Richard Hunter wrote concerning bobcats and python eggs. Another Commenter Janet Jude’s response to Richard’s Comment was “Bring in the Cats!” An appropriate title. Makes the python solution sound like a Broadway musical.

Richard directed his Comment readers to a Facebook entry: “Bobcats Eat Python Eggs.”

The thrust of the Facebook entry.

Bobcats eat reptile eggs. Especially sea turtle eggs. Sea turtle eggs have a similarity to python eggs. Dr. Mathius Tobler of the San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance: “Egg hunting in bobcats is really a learned behavior…..Once some individuals figure out how to prey on python eggs they could potentially do this quite regularly.”

I have followed the Florida python problem for years. Wrote about it many times.

Florida failed to deal with the developing problem following Hurricane Andrew. Especially in the Everglades.

The python population grew. Florida was too late in deciding to deal with the problem. By the time Florida got its head on straight, the python population exceeded one million and growing.

Experts concluded years ago the problem was so bad, it could only be managed. Not eradicated. Whatever Florida has tried to eradicate the problem has failed.

My suggestion is bring in the bobcats. If the bobcats are successful, another problem will follow unless Florida has learned how to deal with such problems. Florida must assume the bobcat population will grow. Ergo, Florida must study and plan how to get rid of the problem before it becomes unmanageable.

The other noteworthy Comment was provided by Ubert: “Today, 66 percent of all eligible Americans are fully vaccinated. The other 33 percent are fully dewormed.”

The “deworming” reminds me of Trump’s Presidency.

One possible correction. I apologize in advance if I am wrong. I believe the 66 percent vaccinated are at least 66 percent having had one shot, not all.

Enjoy your day!


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