I was got! All the way!

I bought the  April 1 Keys Weekly breaking news story that Stock Island was to become a major cruise ship port. Hook, line and sinker!

Made sense to me. Bobby Mongelli is a person to be respected. He has been successful with his Stock Island endeavors. I could understand Bobby putting together a group of businessmen to support the idea.

Key West has a cruise ship problem that is taking forever to resolve. Opportunity presented itself and Bobby and supporters jumped in.

Additionally, Stock Island has been waiting to explode for years. So far only in small drips. A cruise port was an explosive concept.

I smiled when some Comments brought the April Fool joke to my attention. I smile as I write today’s blog. I am happy to have been gotten!

I believe hope still springs eternal for Stock Island. The day will come.

Great basketball last night!

I supported Villanova and Duke. Both lost. Such is life.

Villanova has been one of my favorites since the Big East was born some 30 odd years ago. Syracuse was part of the Big East also. Great games!

Duke a long time favorite because of Coach Mike Krzyzewski. I watched he and Boeheim grow in winnings over the years.

Monday night the Championship game. Kansas and UNC. Will be exciting!

Putin is withdrawing his forces from certain areas in the Ukraine. On the surface, a positive for Kelenskyy. Unfortunately, not a total “victory.”

As the Russians withdraw, they are planting mines all over. In homes, commercial areas, etc. Another Putin “sicky.”

I continue to repeat, the man deserves to be hung publicly in Red Square.

Many women are changing the terms by which they label the female gender. Describing them in murky terms.

Dr. Michelle Morse is the Chief Medical Official Officer of the New York City Department of Health. She describes white mothers as “birthing people.” Black and Hispanic women as “mothers.”

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez refers to women as “menstruating persons.”

The bird flu epidemic continues to grow. The affliction is technically named the Asian flu.

So far, more than 15 million chickens and turkeys in 19 states have been killed.

Enjoy your Sunday!

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