My sunday afternoon was spent writing this week’s KONK Life column Rudy Giuliani Sexcapades. I had researched the article friday.

Took me 2 hours longer to write than it should have.

I could not indent paragraphs. Could not figure out why. Contacted Sloan. She was on the 18 mile connection returning from a trip. She worked me through it.

Another problem was limiting the column to 500 words. Giuliano’s background provided enough material for well over a thousand words. I had to rewrite several times to get the article down to 578 words.

I wrote Sexcapades after listening to Giuliani’s tirade this past week re Stormy Daniels. He was not nice in talking about her. Disparaged her porn background.

Bothered me. It was the pot calling the kettle black. However, in this instanced the kettle was gray. Not black in comparison.

Giuliani has a track record when it comes to sex. Not in the porn industry. Rather as a husband of three wives who publicly played around on each.

KONK Life hits the stands wednesday evening.

It was too late and I was a bit tired to go to the Gardens. I especially had wanted to go. Terri was singing.

Donna telephoned…..Where are you? An hour later, Jean Thornton called…..Everyone is asking where you are?

I begged off with both ladies.

The Keys History section of this morning’s Citizen notes that on this day in 1982, the Harris High School closed its doors. After 74 years.

The building is located at 822 Southard Street. Close to Mangia Mangia and Michael’s.

A beautiful building. Large and impressive. A huge lot surrounding it.

It has remained empty all these years.

The former Harris is perfect for condominiums or a hotel.

I suspect it remains empty because of environmental problems. A building as old as Harris would be full of all kinds of hazardous substances. Extremely expensive to remove.

BOB time. Bob wrote BOB back in the mid 1990’s. Louie’s Backyard was referred to as Louie’s Restaurant then.

Bob was a one man woman. Annie, his wife. Bob never known to stray. Therefore what is about to be reported from BOB contains made up material. Figments of Bob’s imagination: “Annie had dropped me off at the big guys’ day-care center behind Louie’s Restaurant while she went shopping and I seated myself with a view of the ocean and Dog Beach…..She was gorgeous, with a figure right out of my imagination. She sat down next to me, and we chatted for a while…..The effect of her feminine attention finally got to me, and I leaned over and with all the lechery at my command, looked directly into my companion’s eyes and asked if she could find it in her heart to make an old man die happy…..I have still not yet recovered from her reply, “What do you want me to do, take care of your dog?”

Tony Awards last night. A politically charged audience. Robert De Nero spoke a few extra words in introducing someone: “Fuck Trump!”

De Nero received a standing ovation.

Playwrite Tony Kushner in a backstage interview denounced Trump’s Presidency as “the Hitler mistake” that put a “borderline psychotic narcissist in the White House.”

Today on Morning Joe, De Nero’s words were severely criticized. Mika says anti-Trump persons should remember Michelle Obama’s admonition that when they go low, you go high.

I disagree with Morning Joe and Michelle in this instance. We are in a war for the heart and soul of our country. The opposition hits hard, lies, plays dirty. Too much is at stake. Those who are anti-Trump must fight fire with fire. Not a time to be polite. Otherwise, the U.S. as we know it will be gone forever.

Venezuela continues to present a bad situation. I have been following Maduro and Venezuela for more than six years. Life in Venezuela has gotten worse by the day during that time.

An example, food. Food scarce. Big time scarce. Family pets eaten years ago. Children without food. Trained to eat every other day.

Women in general, especially young ones, do not wish to get pregnant. They already have children and do not wish any more that they cannot feed.

Birth control options, when available, are expensive. The cost of a box of contraceptive pills cost 10 months salary at minimum wage. A joke cost wise. A tragedy as few have jobs.

Women have come up with two alternatives. Sterilization and abortion. Many opting for sterilization. Abortion illegal.

Venezuela has the largest oil reserves in the world. Hard to understand why living conditions are not better. Further difficult to understand why the people have not revolted.

Enjoy your day!



  1. I agree with you Lou. DeNiro and all who agree with him, including the Main Stream media need to get down and dirty like Trump. Keep attacking him and his family. Get as vulgar as possible.

    Please keep it up all the way to the 2020 election. Please.

    I’m loving it.

    • Trump is poison to this nation. The sooner it is realized the faster we can get back to being a proud nation.

    • No, they elected him leader of the greatest power in the world. Totally appropriate for him to end the risk of nuclear war. Kinda like Obama said he was doing in Iran…without congressional approval, then acted like it was actually a treaty.

      • Yes, appropriate, at least in theory. However, he actually escalated the threat a lot by threatening total annihilation, to a situation that could have been contained and controlled in a much simpler way, as had Clinton, Bush and Obama before him. In doing so he has blown any credibility and backed himself (and his country) into a corner. In reality, it turns out Moon-Jae-In, and Xi-Jinping are the ones who are actually getting things done, Trump is just the theatre, promotional part of all this. He’s more Don King than Don Smart (pun intended).

      • As far as Obama is concerned with Iran, he did end the threat of Nuclear War with Iran, and actually got denuclearation, during a time when an hostile congress would not even bring it up. Who cares if he “acted like it was a treaty.” At least he got it done and didn’t try and tell the country only HE could have done it.

  2. Trump’s base most likely views Canadian’s as Trump probably does; a bunch of poofs whom they could beat up if they wanted to.

  3. History repeats itself. Nixon met with Mao, Reagan met with Gorbachev, now Trump meets with Putin and Kim. Looks like it takes a Right Winger to bring World stability.

    • If there really are any!

      Don’t forget, Far more credible people than trump and his band of misfits, insisted that Suddam Hussein had nukes.

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