On June 17, 2018, I published in KONK Life a commentary titled Rudy Giuliani Sexcapades. At that time and even now, Giuliani is in the news almost every day. “Personal Attorney” to President Trump.

The talents that made him a force to be recognized are long gone. Dissipated. No more First Mayor, an outstanding prosecutor, a man of character, a man to be respected.

His present day attacks on former Vice President Biden lacking in respect and truthfulness.

Giuliani opted to sleep with a dog. He woke with fleas.

I am republishing last year’s Rudy Giuliani’s Sexcapades. The article continues to be timely.

And so it began…..

People who live in glass houses should not throw stones. John 8:7 says…..Let he who is without sin cast the first stone. Matthew 7:1…..Judge not, that ye not be judged.

Rudy Giuliani has had a distinguished career. Till recently.

Giuliani attacked Stormy Daniels last week. He hit on her work career as a porn star, adult actress and porn movie director.

Giuliani’s adult life has had its moments of sleaziness. A Roman Catholic, he has been married three times.

He married his first wife Regina Peruggi in 1968. His second cousin. Second cousin marriages neither civilly nor religiously permitted. He met local TV personality Donna Hanover in 1982. Fell in love. Needed to divorce Regina so he could marry Donna.

Not simple. The civil divorce not much of a problem. Obtained in 1982. However being Catholic, he needed a Catholic Church annulment. Once difficult to obtain, no longer so in the 1980’s. Proper Church grounds and money made it possible. The days of Henry VIII long gone.

Giuliani’s grounds were he did not know Regina was his second cousin. Hard to believe. Italians know every cousin and their place in line to the nth degree. Whatever, the Church accepted he was unaware. That and a check resulted in a Church annulment one year later.

Rudy and Donna were married in a Catholic Church ceremony in 1984. They remained married till the early 2000’s. During those years, Giuliani had his affairs. One with his press secretary Cristyne Lategano. Donna became aware.

Father’s Day 1996 found the Mayor and Cristyne in a basement suite at Gracie Mansion. Donna went to the suite to confront Giuliani. His aides prevented her from entering the suite.

Still married to Donna, Giuliani became enamored with Judith “Judi” Nathan in May 1999. Cristyne abandoned.

The NYPD security detail assigned to the Mayor began chauffeuring Judi around. City provided chauffeur services. Buried in the books with convoluted bookkeeping.

The chauffeuring had its dangerous moments. On one occasion, Judi was being chauffeured into Gracie Mansion while Donna was being chauffeured out. Another occasion found Judi being chauffeured in with the Mayor’s mistress in a car following her. Giuliani had wife Donna, girl friend Judi and a mistress at the same time.

The year 2000 found Giuliani and Judi a public twosome. Southampton weekends included.

Giuliani called a press conference on May 10, 2000 and announced he intended to separate from Donna. He failed to tell Donna first. She learned of it from the television report.

Giuliani sued for divorce in October 2000. A major court battle ensued. Giuliani barred  from Gracie Mansion or seeing his children till a divorce was final. The issues were resolved and the two were divorced. Donna received a settlement of $6.8 million and custody of their two children.

Judi and the Mayor were married in 2003. On April 14, 2018, Judi filed for divorce after 18 years of marriage.

Giuliani recently claimed Stormy Daniels as a porn worker had no credibility. What credibility does a thrice married cheating husband have?

A President accused of infidelity and paying thousands to cover it up could have picked a lawyer with a better track record morally to represent him.

Birds of a feather do flock together.


Giuliani acts more and more like Trump’s consigliere. Not surprising. Trump acts more and more like a Mafia boss.

Giuliani may be heading for deep trouble personally. The Southern District of New York has him under investigation.

Giuliani’s divorce case with third wife Judi is still pending. The fight over money. Makes the 1980’s movie War of the Roses look like kids’ stuff.

No children involved. The Judge admonished them to settle their differences and in effect stop hanging their dirty wash out.

I feel sorry for Giuliani. A distinguished lawyer and distinguished public servant. He seems to have lost it mentally.


Happy New Year!


  1. My son and his wife are longtime resident’s of NYC, He’s been a Republican all of his life and usually involved in local Republican elections. He says, emphatically, that only 911 saved Rudy’s respect and reputation as mayor and a human. By then, it wasn’t the bimbos but his lack of reality and erratic (crazy) behavior. Those that know, are NOT surprised by today’s Rudy

    • Trump himself has historically (before becoming president) frequently said the Stock Market doesn’t matter, now he says it does!

      Do you suppose he’s lying now because it suits HIS political narrative?

      • That is what Trump does. He is an opportunist and nothing more. He flipped his position on the popular vote too. He will take the path that serves him.

  2. That sounds like Bush VP Dick Cheney claiming “deficits don’t matter” back when George and him were breaking the bank with their spending. But then, Republicans have always been the masters of doublespeak.

  3. Why would you try and ruin a mans reputation not once but twice? Very disappointed but not surprised. Your hated for our President is getting old. While I don’t agree with him on a lot of things I do respect the office and anyone who is elected into that position. Come on Lou, be better.

    • No YOU are wrong! Plenty of wrong doing that needs to be acknowledged. There’s no hatred here, just exposure for bad behavior.

      Stop trying to white wash a corrupt and guilty criminal. Don’t do the crime if your can’t do the time.

      and you can bet there is la LOT more exposure to come, years and years of it!

      unless you are his mother, please tell us why you are defending him for years and years of truly bad deeds.

    • I think you confuse America for NK. We do not have a Dear Leader, we have an elected official-who should abide by the oath and standard of the office. Respect for others and respect for the office should come from the top down. Trump failed.

    • If you don’t want a reputation as a philanderer and child molester, then you probably shouldn’t get on a plane with Jeffery Epstein. And certainly not have a private party with him at your Mar a Largo hotel.

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