Roy Cohn rides again. In the form of Attorney General William Barr. Each Trump’s attorney at different times in Trump’s life.

Cohn now dead. AIDS. Disbarred prior to his death. He was Senator McCarthy’s attorney during McCarthy’s heyday.

Cohn’s philosophy simple. Never pay your bills. Sue everyone. Fight everyone. Attack your adversary in every conceivable manner. Never give in.

Cohn’s approach was tough and rough. Barr ever the soft spoken gentleman.

Barr is the head of the FBI in his capacity as Attorney General. The FBI is in his department. He supports Trump’s claim that the FBI tried to do him in.

Two separate investigations by the Inspector General’s office found no basis for the representation.

Nevertheless, Barr says “his” FBI did wrong and an investigation by another U.S. Attorney which is ongoing will prove it.

Much of this has to do with Russia and Russia’s involvement with the 2016 election.

It is obvious Barr has sold his “soul” to the company store. The company store being Trump.

Two Articles of Impeachment were presented against Trump yesterday morning. Yesterday afternoon, Trump was in the Oval Office having a private meeting with Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov.

An insult to the American public. By Trump. Sitting with the “enemy” the same day the Impeachment Articles were returned. Reflecting Trump’s attitude of spitting on the American people he represents. A screw you attitude. I do what I want. I am the President.

The U.S. is on the road to authoritarianism. The rule of law is being stomped upon.

Trump has half the population supporting him, believing in him. The Republican Party is in his back pocket.

The situation somewhat like Germany under Hitler in the early 1930’s.

My concern sufficiently great that I wonder if there will even be an election in 2020 if Trump is still in office.

Wake up America!

Thomas Friedman in this morning’s New York Times wrote, “Impeach Trump…..the only thing to do if our country’s democracy is to survive.”

Bettie Page was a nude performer and porn star in the 1940’s and 1950’s. She lived a portion of her senior years in Key West. It was while in Key West that she became a born again Christian. Her words, “When I gave my life to the Lord I began to think He disapproved of all those nude pictures of me.”

She subsequently went to work for Billy Graham.

Bettie was a “camera club” member in the 1940’s. It was a way of avoiding laws which prohibited nude photos and pornography. She became a star in the erotic film industry.

From the early 1950’s to 1957, she was a BDSM star. Played both dominatrix and submissive roles. She became known as the Queen of Bondage.

Hugh Hefner made her Playboy’s centerfold nude beauty in the magazine’s January 1955 publication.

Bettie died December 11, 1985.

Some people do not know what they are talking about. In this morning’s Citizens’ Voice, the following comment appeared: “Sea level rise should be welcomed as an opportunity, not a negative; we can become a tropical Venice.”

The writer apparently did not know Venice was under 7 feet of water last week. And it did not look good!

I reported Key West’s Christmas Boat Parade for saturday night. Friday night there will be another. Stock Island. The Stock Island Christmas Boat Parade. Leaving from the Stock Island Marina.

Stock Island finally growing. The past several years. I have been hearing for 25 years how Stock Island was going to be developed. Finally, the time has arrived. New spectacular hotels, restaurants and marinas.

Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou last night. Great show! Loved doing it! Trump provides so much to talk about. Makes doing the show easy.

If you miss the show on a tuesday night, it can be heard anytime. The show is immediately archived.

Last week, Trump announced his son in law Jared Kushner would forthwith have responsibility for the building of the wall. He also advised that by November 2020, 450 miles of new wall would be built.

Forget it!

Yesterday, a federal judge declared Trump’s transfer of $3.6 billion from military construction funds to erect the wall to be illegal. He “permanently” enjoined the transfer.

People can generally see better than the government. The public can put things in proper perspective.

Recall the nativity scene the Claremont United Methodist Church in Los Angeles erected. Different. Jesus, Mary and Joseph portrayed in 3 separate chain link fences with barb wire on top.

A message well sent!

This morning a close up photo of the caged baby Jesus is all over the internet. The baby Jesus a person of color.

Enjoy your day!


7 comments on “ROY COHN RIDES AGAIN

  1. Here’s a scenario that you might find interesting:
    Trump is impeached by the House.
    Trump is convicted by the Senate (not likely, but humor me here)
    Trump is forced to leave office
    Pence completes Trump’s term
    Trump continues to be a candidate in the 2020 race
    Trump wins the election
    Trump is back in the Oval Office

    • Although I know your post was intended as just a provocative troll of immature illusions,

      please let me propose a much more frightening scenario with far more damaging results

      Trump is impeached by the House.
      Trump is not convicted by the Senate in a circus like atmosphere trial
      Trump continues to be a candidate in the 2020 race
      Trump wins the election with open and obvious help from foreign governments and other illegal means (cheating)
      Trump is back in the Oval Office, this time without fear of retribution or constraints
      Democracy is subverted and the constitution effectively rendered null and void.

      • Call it a troll if you like, Roy. But it’s just me, browsing thru the Constitution and coming up with trivial tidbits. My scenario is extremely unlikely of course, but it’s an interesting “what if” that would not be unconstitutional.

  2. A Trump reelection will prove once and for all, the immoral and bankrupt character and make up of those who on the right. There can be no ambiguity of that anymore. No longer will they be able to hide behind their false indignation of ignorance or self righteousness.

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