The joy of reading this morning’s Key West Citizen. A large picture on the front page of Robert and Ally walking along a beach. Their heads looking down. The two participating in a coastal cleanup day. Clean the beaches!

Robert and Ally were cleaning Nature Beach. Nature Beach runs behind 1800 Atlantic.

The Mel Fisher Maritime Museum was one of the organizations sponsoring the Nature Beach cleanup. Some other beaches were also involved. I am not sure the following numbers represent the Nature Beach cleanup or all the local beach cleanups. Whatever, the numbers are formidable.

Seventy five bags of trash. Included were 202 bottle caps, 8 crab traps, 6 syringes, 4 tampon applicators and 4 condoms.

Robert and Ally have participated in cleanups before. I recall one where the sidewalks and curb areas surrounding the Southernmost Complex were tidied up. I have a distinct recollection of Ally picking up a cigarette butt resting next to the curb and placing it in the trash bag she was carrying on her shoulder. Ally wore gloves, of course.

I watched Syracuse football beginning at 12:30. Syracuse won again! Beat Central Michigan 30-27. The first time in 24 years Syracuse has won its first three games.

We were lucky to win!

Our quarterback is Eric Dungey. A real freshman. He is playing because in the early part of the first game against Rhode Island, Syracuse’s starting quarterback ruptured his Achilles tendon.

Eric got hit hard in the head in yesterday’s game. Near the end of the second quarter. A helmet to helmet crash. The Central Michigan player was thrown out. Dungey played no more. His injury is reported as an upper body one. What that means, I do not know and have not been able to find out.

In comes Syracuse quarterback #3. His name I believe Austin Mahoney. I could be wrong. He finished the second quarter in fine fashion.

The second half was a disaster. I am not even sure we got a first down. Maybe one or two at the very end of the second half.

Syracuse had something like a two touchdown lead. Central Michigan ate at it. With seconds to go in the game, Central Michigan scored a touchdown tying the game.

Syracuse won in overtime 30-27.

A win is a win. In spite of the second half which was shameful.

Syracuse’s passing defense was an abomination in the second half. It seemed like Central Michigan was completing passes at will.

Next week LSU. Ranked. A test! Hope Eric Dungey is back!

Spent a couple of hours after the game researching this week’s KONK Life column. I raise the question as to whether the United States is ready for war.

Motivation for the topic came from a news release this week that soon the U.S. Army will be the smallest in the post World War II era. If so, the issue becomes one for concern.

I have more research to do. Hopefully will get the column out by late afternoon.

My saturday night usual haunt. Tavern ‘n Town. Good food and Bobby Nesbitt.

The bar was packed and noisy. Unusually so. I could not hear Bobby at all. There was a wedding upstairs and the bar was full of wedding guests who were there to drink and not listen to Bobby.

I intentionally did not go to Duval last night. The last evening of Poker Run. The doctors, lawyers and accountants who dress as bad guys raise too much hell for me. Many bring their wives or girl friends. They  likewise are attired as bike people.

It amazes me that the bike ladies all have big breasts. Every year. They can’t all be that big.

A major event this weekend as part of Poker Run. A Tattoo Contest at Schooner Wharf at 3. Not to be missed! I have seen a few. You will be amazed! Males and females. They show and explain their tattoos, where they got them, etc. Expose them all. Right down to the genitally located ones.

A fun event. Get there early so you get a place from which you can see. A crowd guaranteed.

Enjoy your Sunday!

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