I seem to be on the other side of recent Key West City Commission decisions. This time re the Commission’s vote concerning sunscreens.

We know sunscreens containing certain blocks help prevent skin cancers. Sun bathers clothe themselves in such sunscreens. Wisely so.

Now comes a new concern. Those ingredients in sunscreens that keep the bad rays off our bodies are considered by some harmful to coral reefs. Key West has a major coral reef. A responsibility.

The 2 ingredients oxybenzone and octinoxate.

Not all experts agree that the named chemicals harm coral reefs. Opinion is divided.

Even if harmful, the issue arises as to which is more important: Human health or the coral reef.

Key West has decided on the side of the coral reef. Only 2 other places have so decided. Hawaii and Palau.

The Commission recently in it first vote voted 7-0 to ban sunscreens containing the 2 chemicals. The lopsided vote suggests the final vote early in February will likewise support the ban.

What of the up front important items affecting Key West not receiving prompt and better attention? Like condition of the roads, traffic, parking, bicycles, affordable housing, etc. Lots of talk. Little action.

The Commission moved rapidly re the sunscreen issue. It moves at a tortoise pace re other more immediate problems.

Another ocean problem.

It has been reported that the oceans had their highest recorded temperatures in years in 2018. A clear indication that global warm is accelerating at a faster rate than had been anticipated.

Greenhouse gas heat is absorbed by ocean waters. Some 93 percent. The increase in water temperature is a clear indication gas house emissions are rising. Faster than anticipated. Greenhouse emissions and water temperature interrelated.

Water temperature also a clear indication of climate change.Ocean temperature important to Key West. An island surrounded by water. Experts claim the warmer the water, the more intense hurricanes will be. Increased water temperature also destroys coral reefs and causes sea levels to rise.

Note the coral reef destruction. Water temperature a more significant cause of Key West’s coral reef problems? If the 2 chemical argument correct, it has to be insignificant when compared to the heat of water as a cause.

The Chart Room first last night. Charming Tammy bartending.

Ran into Cheryl and Robert. We laughed and joked through a couple of drinks. Dinner tonight together at Hot Tin Roof.

Ollie came in. Do not see him enough. A smart guy. Especially when it comes to environmental matters.

Then to the Blue Macaw. Terri singing. Did not want to miss her.

There to be entertained by Terri were Lynda and Bob Frechette, Joe and Andrea, and Angie. Donna showed up later. She had a meeting to attend first.

Angie and I spent some time together. An interesting woman. Remember to stop into her Crystals and and Coconuts store at 803 Whitehead.

My today out and about begins at 4 with Laurie Thibaud and her radio 107.5 FM talk show. We will chat about this and that. Entertaining. Informative. Join us.

A Comment to my Key West Lou blog this morning described Trump’s Attorney General nominee William Barr as a “ringer.” An apt description. I agree.

Barr is being foisted on the American public. His nomination an act of public deception.

I enjoyed the 1950’s. It was Eisenhower time. A fatherly type President who guided us wisely during his years in office.

They were years of growth for me. My high school, college and law school years.

Eisenhower spoke to the nation when he retired. He warned of the increasing power of the military-industrial complex. Warned of its growing influence.

He was correct. We all know it. Unfortunately, his words went unheeded.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. I remember my father saying that Ike was a good president and never caused us any problems because he was always out on the golf course.

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