I fear we may be seeing the disintegration of a great political party. The Republican Party. Though a Democrat, I respect and see the need for an opposition party. It keeps everything in balance.

The sub-committee hearing of Hillary Clinton yesterday was a disgrace. I could say Hillary blew them out. The more accurate observation is the Republicans blew it. Beat themselves. A scary thing is the Republicans think they were doing the right thing. They delude themselves. This group would have voted to burn Joan of Arc at the stake.

A few nuts on the Republican side. Gowdy the chairman, or whatever his name is, was nothing more than a side show. He gives the impression he is doing God’s work. Several commentators said what a great prosecutor he must have been in his other life. No way. He would have been a piece of cake for defense counsel.

Jim Jordan impressed me as the outstanding mental case. He is Chairman of Freedom Cause, the group that is screwing things up in the House of Representatives. He is the #1 obstacle person in Congress.

Let me share some additional thoughts by Mike Lofgren. I quoted him also yesterday. A retired 28 year Republican Congressional staff person. He said, “…..the Republican Party is becoming less and less like a traditional political party in a representative democracy and becoming more like an apocalyptic cult.” Also, “By sabotaging the reputation of an institution of government, the party that is programmatically against government would come out the relative winner.”

The Hillary hearing took 11 hours, including breaks. I watched all of it, except for 1 1/2 hours. The political junkie in me ate it up.

I called David in the afternoon. We had bocce last night. Told David I would not be there. I wanted to watch the hearing till it’s bloody end.

I have received the bocce results. We lost 2 games last night, won only 1. We are on a downslide the past three weeks. The number one spot is no longer possible. We may end up fighting to make the playoffs.

I forgot Fantasy Fest starts today. I thought it was next week. Lori reminded me as she was cutting my hair yesterday. Tonight, Goombay. With Don and friends. It has become a tradition. We will meet at 801, do Goombay and end up at Blue Heaven.

I will be on the radio at 12:10 on the KONK New Hour. 104.9. Guy deBoer will interview me about this week’s KONK column Lincoln The Man. Ten to fifteen minutes.

Enjoy your day!



  1. Well, I agree the hearing yesterday was a joke. But, I have different reasons. The Dems did everything possible to shield her, as usual.
    At least it was proven that she is incompetent, a stooge for the current administration, and, a liar. Its sad that it took 8 hearings to get some of the info needed to prove that.
    But, she will still survive and the Dems will follow her all the more.
    Our 2 political parties have fallen apart and our congress is useless.

  2. It proved once again that Hillary Clinton is a congenital liar who surrounds herself with serpents like Sidney blumenthal for advisors. The hearings prove she lied to us and to the parents of the slain Americans blaming the murders on a video when she and barrack knew it was “a planned attack by an al Qaeda type group.” She has no soul. What’s pathetic is that liberals support her regardless of what she does. So I can only occlude that liberalism really is a mental disorder.

    I disagree with your observations on the Republican Party. What is happening is a healthy cleansing, long overdue. The Democratic Party is in dire need of a reformation. It is not heathy to march in lockstep with a party that demands allegiance and punishes you if you have an independent thought. The dems have become a totalitarian party, the antithesis of democracy.

    Hillary and Barrack created the Arab spring and it backfired. They were running guns from Libya and arming what is now ISIS in an attempt to take down Assad. They failed. The result is the massive refuge crisis overwhelming Europe.

  3. “A few nuts on the Republican side. Gowdy the chairman, or whatever his name is, was nothing more than a side show.”

    Terrifying is all I can say. What was once my Grand Old Party has become a freak show.

    Both parties are morally, politically and completely corrupt to their core as Caesar and IKE warned us.

    Heck, I would vote for the Trump brand just because he ticks the loonies off.

    • Totally agree. But how can we kick them both to the curb and get our USA back?
      I’ll vote TRUMP at this point to stick it to them. No other alternatives.

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