Thelma Strabel was a writer. Her most popular novel Reap The Wild Wind. A story involving Florida Keys wreckers.

The book writing experience filled Strabel with a desire to live in Key West. The Saturday Evening Post serialized Reap The Wild Wind. Strabel took her royalty checks from the serialization to build a Key West home.

On this day in 1940, Strabel took out a building permit allowing her to construct a house costing $12,000 at 400 South Street.

The book was also purchased for movie making purposes. The movie Reap The Wild Wind was well attended. Starred John Wayne.

Strabel considered her home the southernmost in Key West and the United States.

Strabel sold at some point. A subsequent owner tore the building down to erect a bigger home.

Key West weather has sucked the past three days. Rain, big time! Accompanied with noisy wind. Sounds like a hurricane category 1 or 2 upon us.

The weather reports are confusing. One has the rain continuing two more weeks. Another, two days. Always accompanied by wind. Ten to twenty miles per hour.

The rain screwed up my sunday. I am still landlocked. No vehicle. Donna and Terri were going to pick me up for Hot Dog Church. They cancelled because of the weather.

My sunday was never the less enjoyable. I watched old time movies all day.

The Songwriters Festival ended yesterday. Thousands braved the weather to attend. The rain did not affect the excitement of the day.

This was the 23rd annual festival. It has grown! In recent years, top hit makers, labeled newcomers and performing songwriters have made up the 200 performers putting on 50 shows.

The combined love of music and Key West atmosphere attracts performers and viewers alike.

A little Shakespeare. From Macbeth: “It is a tale / Told by an idiot /  full of sound and fury /  Signifying nothing.”

Clearly depicts Trump.

I refer to his words this week re the cost of prescription drugs. He finally was getting to his campaign promise to bring down the cost of prescription prices. Trump claimed what he was going to do was the “most sweeping action in history to lower the price of prescription drugs for the American people.”


During the campaign, he accused the pharmaceutical industry of getting away with murder. His campaign pledge was to use the massive buying power of Medicare to negotiate lower prices for seniors.

Trump has walked away from that commitment.

His present plan promises to focus on competition and more openness to reduce prices.

The plan will produce nothing significant.

What happened to using Medicare?

Another campaign position is in the process of taking a back seat. Trump argued consistently that he would not permit certain countries from taking any more jobs from the United States. One was China.

Trump announced this morning that China’s smartphone business is in trouble. He pledged the United States would help China get back to work in the area. He promised to see that ZTE, the Chinese business involved, got “back into business fast.”

U.S. sanctions involving North Korea and Iran the cause of ZTE’s economic problems.

Trump has directed the Secretary of Commerce to do everything expeditiously to help ZTE.

Screw ZTE! Who in China was looking out for the U.S.’s interests as China took more and more jobs from us over the years?

To place matters in perspective, trade talks are scheduled in Washington this week. I can see what happened. China’s President Xi telephoned Trump and asked if he knew what was happening. Trump said no. He then agreed to help Xi and China by correcting the ZTE problem expeditiously.

As I sit here and write, the ceremony opening the U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem and Trump’s position recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital is on TV. My ears are locked onto the audio.

At the moment, Netanyahu is paying all kinds of tributes to Trump. He says Trump will be remembered by history for his actions.

I view Trump’s actions to have been premature and gained the U.S. nothing. But, that is how Trump acts! He knows not what he does.

A senior Palestinian aide recently said the world needs real leaders and not those in the White House who are real estate dealers.

Increased violence between Israeli and Palestinians probable. While everyone kumbaya at the ceremony, people were dying. On both sides. More Palestinians because Israel bombing them at the moment. Egypt has been asked to intervene and help.

American Evangelicals should get their noses out of U.S. government. All religions.

Two American Evangelicals offered prayers as part of the ceremony in Jerusalem. Both bigots at the highest levels.

John Hagee believes Trump has achieved “political immortality” because of his actions re Jerusalem.

Robert Jeffress has said Mormonism is a cult, the Catholic Church has been led astray by Satan, Obama paved the way for the Antichrist, Islam is an evil religion that promotes pedophilia, and Jews are going to Hell.

I don’t understand.

Enjoy your day!


  1. The Department of Commerce instituted a seven-year ban on American companies exporting components to ZTE for use in manufacturing ZTE-branded products. This means that major U.S. companies like Qualcomm, Intel, Corning, etc…would also lose a major customer for seven years, which would inevitably lead to job losses at home, a slow down in revenue and, in turn, a decrease in R&D spend, which only compound our technological competition with the Chinese.

  2. “I don’t understand”….Well Lou it is quite simple, a fair portion of the American public lost their mind. One day all of this will be in the rear view mirror and we can get back to sanity.

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