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I am up extra early this morning. Implants screwed up yesterday. I have a very early dental appointment for repair work. A twist and turn of a small wrench here and there, and all should be well.

California has present day water problems. A drought. A big one. Key West suffered a drought 12-15 years ago. Water rationing rules went into effect. The community supported the effort and did the necessary. Like only watering lawns two days a week at specified times, washing cars only one time per week, etc.

The Key West rationing took hold. Some still practice water conservation to this day. One practice is the use of rain barrels.

Rain barrels collect and store water for yard irrigation and car washing. The process saves on water and sewer bills.

A Monroe County agency is conducting a rain barrel making work shop Sunday at Bayview Park at 11 am. Where to get barrels, how to build one, how to collect and store water, etc. The barrels hold 55 gallons of water..

My dear friend Sheila Cullen got into the rain barrel thing several years ago. She attended a class, put together a barrel, etc. Sheila lives in a third floor/rooftop condominium. She has an extensive outer balcony. To go along with a green thumb. Sheila grows all kinds of vegetables. The garden watered by her rain barrel.

California would do well to learn from Key West and Sheila. One reason California’s problem is as large as it is involves time. California waited too long to get a hand on the problem. They let the problem get away from them. Key West and Monroe Country recognized the problem early and went after it.

My blog talk radio show last night. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. An out of normal issue captured the most interest. Chimpanzees. Hercules and Leo are two chimps held captive and used for research purposes at a State University of New York campus. An animal rights groups claims chimpanzees are legal persons. So deemed because chimpanzees are autonomous and intelligent. A Manhattan Supreme Court will decide the issue.

Do not laugh. Recall that the U.S. Supreme Court ruled a corporation was a person. At least chimpanzees live and breathe.

My column this week is Drought and Water Profiteering. The article publishes today in KONK Life. Read it, if you have the opportunity. It is an eye opener as to who will profit from California’s water shortage.

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2 comments on “RAIN BARRELS

  1. I’d like to see corporate CEOs replaced by chimpanzees. I venture a guess stocks will still go up and down, the reminder of the corporation will keep working and CEO pay will drop precipitately to bananas. So much for the 1%.

  2. Could it be that the Kalifornia Gooferment screwed up the “cost of water”?

    The Laws of Economics (i.e., price and demand curves) could handle this quite easily.

    Get the Gooferment out of the “Water Business” and a rising price will ensure that water is used “wisely”.

    Anytime something is “free” it will be overused (i.e., tragedy of the commons).

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