The Ragnar dispute is ongoing. My knowledge of the situation was limited. I did some homework. Research. I share with you what I learned. If anything I write is incorrect, let me know.

Ragnar is a business. Apparently a good one. Ragnar “sponsors” two day relay races across the country. One of those places has been the Florida Keys. All the way down to Key West.

Many locals are opposed to permitting the Ragnar race this year. Ragnar is willing to make any adjustments to obtain official approval.

The facts.

Six thousand will race. One thousand vans will support the 6,000 runners. The numbers overwhelming. Especially for the two lane highway most of the way. A major traffic problem.

Ragnar says worry not. From Marathon to Key  west, the race will take place on the trail or bicycle path on the south side of US 1. The path is 4-5 feet wide. Six thousand people? It would take forever. It is inevitable. The runners will spill over into the highway.

Money involved. Big dollars. Running to Ragnar. A terrific business!

The runners consist of 12 person teams. Dividing 12 into the 6,000 runners makes for 500 teams. Each team pays an entrance fee of $1,260 to $1,620. Multiplying $1,260 by 500 teams totals $630,000. Wow!

Ragnar is a non-profit organization. I learned long ago there is profit in non-profit.

What, if anything, does Ragnar contribute to defray the public’s costs? Things like extra police, safety personnel, clean up, etc. Forget the most important thing. The inconvenience to Keys residents and non-running visitors.

I agree with local leaders who have heard the cries of their constituents. Ragnar should not be permitted to race.

Anti-gravity treadmill yesterday. I am up to 4.5 miles per hour!

My blog talk radio show tonight. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Nine my time. Join me. www.blogtalkradio.com/key-west-lou.

Topics will include some brief observations from this week’s KONK Life column Helen Sperling…..Holocaust Survivor. One of her comments: “The nights still belong to Hitler.” Buchenwald never left her.

Other topics include a boy who spent 40 days in jail for allegedly throwing a snowball that broke a police car window, the off duty cop who shot a neighbor in the head after previously having been on paid leave for killing a man.

Also, buried in the proposed highway bill a provision that the IRS be permitted to lift the passport of anyone owing more than $50,000 unpaid, 72 Department of Homeland Security personnel on the terrorist list, France moving far to the right, the Jordanian who tried to open a Lufthansa door while in flight shouting he wanted himself and the passengers to join Allah, and more.

Great evening at the Chart Room last night. Spent good time with Kevin.

Cool last night. 71 degrees. Cold for locals. Days in high 70s. No problem.

The weather strange this past week. Rain, rain, and more rain. Weather man says there is a stalled front over us.

Trump creating a furor re his wanting to bar Muslims from travel to the U.S. St.  Petersburg Mayor Rick Krisemus announced yesterday Trump is banned from entering St. Petersburg. Tit for tat.

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  1. Considering this country can no longer vet a gopher, FBI says so, California just proved it, then I agree with Trump wanting to temporarily stop importing them until the problem can be fixed.
    There are many refugee camps in various countries that can take many refugees, and, other mid east countries that refuse to take them. There is a reason for that. Plus, refugees are better off in country of their own culture.

    • Yes, it is perhaps time for someone in the nation to start using a little common sense to attack what are pretty obvious problems.

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