Donna is one of the three ladies I recognize as outstanding cooks in Key West. I never turn down an invitation for dinner.

Last night one of those occasions. At Donna, Terri and Bear’s home. Larry Baeder and I welcomed guests.

The meal spectacular. I would expect nothing less from Donna.

Pot Roast. The old fashioned way as my mother made it. Juicy, tender and tasty. Potatoes cooked with the pot roast, of course. And beans.

There is something special about pot roast. You can smell it. Warm and welcoming. As I walked in the door, it hit me. My mouth immediately watering.

Thank you Donna and Terri.

A power outage at 4 yesterday. A long time since the last one. Lasted about 1 1/2 hours. Something blew at the Big Pine substation.

Syracuse/Clemson at noon today.

Turns out Syracuse not in as bad shape as I thought. This is the last game of the season. Syracuse needs it for a 20 win season. Syracuse is favored.

Clemson has won 18. On the bubble for the big tournament. Needs a win against Syracuse to make it.

The experts say Syracuse a given for the tournament, even if the team loses today. The reason being the 3 top 10 teams Syracuse beat during the season. Knocked off Duke when Duke was #1.

The sportscasters say Syracuse at worse will be a #8 seed in the big tournament.

Spring break is upon us. The college students have begun arriving. They were all over Bahama Village last night as I was walking to Donna and Terri’s. This is their week.

Rarely a problem.

I envy them. Never did a spring break. Never had the money.

Beware if you are driving on US 1 this weekend. Traffic will be unusually slow. Today and tomorrow the Marathon Seafood Festival. Its impact will be felt all the way down to Key West.

In the alley running along side Antonio’s is a tiny restaurant. Indoor and outdoor. Always packed. Amazes me. The restaurant is called the Onlywood Grill. Been there 7 years. First place in my memory that ever made it in that location.

The owners have opened a second Onlywood Grill. On Caroline across from Bo’s. A big place. I am anxious to try it.

The Holi Color Festival is coming to Key West. Never heard of it. Means nothing. It probably has been a Key West event for years and I simply missed it.

A strange event.

An Indian festival. India the nation, not a Native American event.

Participants take colored powder and water and throw it at each other. The colored powder is cornstarch dye.

The colors those of a rainbow. In quick course, those participating find their faces and clothes totally covered in rainbow hues.

The Festival is to promote social harmony and celebrate the start of spring. Also signifies the victory of good over evil.

The Festival is in the Palm Garden of the Key West Library. Saturday, March 16.

I keep repeating that the Keys have not fully recovered from Irma. The primary reason the failure of the federal government to meet its promised obligation financially.

Irma hit 1 1/2 years ago. We still have tent cities.

Many volunteers come each day from all points of the U.S. to help. Might call them first responders 18 months later. They come to stay a week or two and bring food and other supplies with them.

The Keys need this help.

Monroe County has a Long Term Recovery Group. It has created a Volunteer Village to house those who come to help. Two large containers converted into sleeping quarters, kitchen, toilets and showers. Each container sleeps 10. They have placed them at the Marathon Airfield.

Amazing. Here it is 1 1/2 years post Irma and the Keys are still struggling to recover.

It is the same everywhere a natural disaster has occurred the last 2 years.

An indication of the help that continues to come is that both containers are booked till the end of April.

Many well known persons have lived and do live in Key West. The best known, yet unknown, is Tom Hambright. Key West’s venerable historian. Knows everything about our island.

His office is in the Key West Library.

Tom is giving a lecture at 6 pm on March 20 at the Library. The topic: A Short History of Key West.

Something to attend!

I have 3 daughters. All in their 50’s now. I can recall when each was little. Dolls were big with them. Especially the Barbie doll. Each had one or more than one.

The first Barbie doll went on display this day in 1959 at the American Toy Fair in New York City.

The Barbie doll survives to this day.

Mattel is the manufacturer of the Barbie doll. Mattel recently announced that 90 percent of girls age 3-10 today own at least one Barbie doll.

The Catholic Church is experiencing big time problems in the sexual arena.

The Church is attempting to deal with the problem. It has recently been disclosed it involves Cardinals and nuns, also.

The problem interests me.

A book recently was published exploring the various problems involved. Published in 8 countries in the language of each country.

I bought a hard copy. Five hundred fifty pages. Heavy. Going to take forever to get through.

The title: In the Closet of the Vatican…..Power, Homosexuality, Hypocrisy. The author, Frederic Martel.

I have only just begun.

Enjoy your day!


  1. Wow, it looks like we have a shot at doing away with that goofy time switching business. Who could possibly be against doing this?

  2. I would be all for doing away with normal time and staying on DST throughout the year, which is something that has been proposed.

    Coming home from work at 4:30-5:00 pm and it already is dark outside, is depressing. In the winter you just want to go to bed after dinner. Anything to “stretch” the daylight hours to be able to have leisure activity longer, would be welcome.

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