A perfect Key West day in the making! Everything just right. No wind. You can hear the silence. Sun shining. No clouds. Colors bright and cheerful.

I took a walk yesterday morning. Afterwards, I went over to the Pier House Beach Bar for a cup of coffee. Sat at the corner of the bar reading the newspapers. It was around noon. Cool to cold on the water. No one on the beach even though the sun was shining.

One of the newspapers was USA Today. Its feature front page article concerned Pope Francis and recent statements he made concerning birth control. I disagree with those statements. The first time I have disagreed with anything he has had to say.

The Pope opposes artificial means of birth control. That means the pill, inserted devices and condoms amongst others. “No need to breed like the rabbits” he said. The Pope said there should be “responsible parenting.”

The Pope recommended Church approved ways to limit pregnancy be used. The primary one being the rhythm system. Most who have tried it understand that in reality it is Vatican roulette. You take your chances with regard to a pregnancy.

All Catholic women were religious back in the 1950s and 1960s. Good Catholics. They would not think of practising birth control. Couples were having babies like crazy.

We had five pregnancies in 5 years. We lost the last one. We were the perfect example of the failure of the rhythm system. I was very much involved with the process. I kept track of the daily temperature readings. I had a chart on the back of the bedroom door so we would not screw up.

Eventually, priests realized the hardships involved in not practising birth control. A time arrived when women would go to confession and tell the priest they were practising birth control. Instead of denouncing the conduct, the priests were telling the ladies to follow their conscience.

Catholic Churches are empty today. I believe one of the reasons is the birth control issue. It started driving people away as early as the 1960s and 1970s.

I have strong feelings re the issue. I believe the Catholic Church’s position is based on man’s misinterpretation of the Bible. Just as some present day followers of Mohammed misinterpret the Koran.

The basketball game got me fouled up. My blog talk radio show was at 9. At 9, I was so engrossed in the Syracuse/Boston College game that I forgot what time it was. As a result, the show started 10 minutes late. I could only do a 20 minute show. Sorry.

Syracuse won 69-61. The team looked good and bad. I have no further comment.

I had to contend with the State of the Union which began at 9. I went through this last year. My total numbers will be consistent. Those that did not listen last night, will do so during the week in the archive or on Facebook or You Tube.

I caught the last part of the State of the Union address. Caught the rest in reruns through the night. It was a sales pitch. Democratic candidates should have used the information provided in the November elections instead of walking away from the President.

I find the State of the Union exciting to watch. It is part of our governmental process. Whether you agree with the President had to say is immaterial. The speech is as American as apple pie.

KONK Life publishes this week’s column today. Debtors’ Prison. It has also been posted to my Key West Lou page. Left hand corner, second listing. It is titled KONK Life Key West Lou Column. It is easy to find from that point. One click away.

The column is also featured today on WordPress. An accident in figuring out some things to get the posting working correctly. After today, the column will no longer appear on WordPress. Only Key West Lou.

Enjoy your day!

2 comments on “POPE WRONG

  1. Lou, You should attend a 9am or 10 30am mass on Sunday at St Mary’s and see if you stil think Catholic church’s are empty!

    • I am aware St. Mary’s is full. It is unique in that regard. It is the exception. I have always wondered why. However my experience suggests that most are empty. Many have been closed. Parishes combined.

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