Only in Key West.

Most communities have local laws prohibiting the keeping of certain animals. Pigs, for example. Apparently, Key West does not.

A Key West resident keeps a pig as a pet. A neighbor complained re the stench. Codes sent an investigator three times. No stench.

A Key West Code Magistrate ruled the woman could keep the pig as a pet.

A late morning visit to the bank yesterday. Then lunch at the Waterfront Restaurant. A winner! Food continues to be good. A fantastic view.

My only concern is whether the place can make it. The rent has to be astronomical! Key West high!

A pleasant evening at Tavern ‘n Town. June and I had dinner with the Greenbergs. Linda and Fred. Great conversation! We chatted so long we were one of the last tables to leave.

The Greenbergs have or soon will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary. To be respected. Congratulations!

Trump stuck his foot in his mouth last night. Chris Matthews got him good on the question whether the woman in an abortion should be punished. Trump’s TV response to the effect such a woman should be punished.

Not surprising. Trump continues to exhibit his lack of respect for the female gender.

Trump sent two messages out after the viewing. He backed off the statement. His final position was the doctor and others performing the abortion should be punished. Not the woman.

Claire Bernish’s article on Blacklisted News yesterday concerning the military industrial complex pointed. Speaks truths. Beware of corporate interests, especially as regards the military. The article states war is a racket. Exists for corporate interests. Are waged for profit. The U.S. today the war merchant of the world.

Recall Eisenhower’s words…..Beware of the military industrial complex.

I read somewhere yesterday that there are four million adult websites on the internet. The adult websites get more traffic than Netflix, Amazon and Twitter combined.

This week’s KONK Life on the stands. Check out my column Ma, Ma, Where’s My Pa? Dirty politics in the 1884 Presidential campaign between Grover Cleveland and James Blaine.

Enjoy your day!



8 comments on “PET PIG WINS

  1. Trump foot in mouth? Well, Louis, many of us do believe that self-inflicted abortions merit more than just a slap in the face.

  2. Funny how republicans want to restrict abortions but don’t want to fund any services to help the many who can not afford to raise the child. . You can’t have it both ways people!

  3. I guess Trump wouldn’t have a clue what Roe v. Wade is. He’s an idiot.

    Alas, we have no viable choices in the upcoming presidential election. Hillary wouldn’t know what ethics are if they slammed her over the head attached to a two-ton boulder. Her long and short term goals seem to be to go down in history as the first female U.S. president and to make as much money for herself as possible before, during and after, whether it’s legal and ethical or not. Doesn’t matter to her how she attains those goals and she’ll do and say anything to make them a reality.

    As I said, Trump is an idiot in addition to unethical, a terrible public speaker, a chauvinist, an idiot, a liar, and did I say he’s an idiot? Again, as I said, we have no viable choice for president in the upcoming election, whether Democrat, Republican, or otherwise. We’re screwed no matter whether Clinton or Trump “wins” the title. And “We the People” don’t choose the most qualified candidate anyway. That ridiculous thing called the Electoral College dictates who becomes the president. Are we just stupid, or what? By the people and for the people? Yeah, sure.

    U.S. involvement in wars around the world has been for corporate gain since WWII. What’s new?

    And that concludes my soapbox rant for today. Thank you for enduring it.

  4. Anonymous– So If I understand your point correctly….
    “Funny how republicans want to restrict abortions but don’t want to fund any services to help the many who can not afford to raise the child. . You can’t have it both ways people!”

    If “republicans” don’t want to fund services, then the other choice is to just kill the child?
    (Besides the fact that “republicans” give more to charity than liberals)…

    What if Grandpa is too much effort? Kill him too?

    How about questions of personal responsibility, like abstinence, choosing to wait till being married and/or employed, in order to support the children you produce, instead of expecting the rest of us to fund your children?

    Funny how “democrats” believe the most important thing is to protect the most vulnerable in our society…and then they espouse killing the MOST vulnerable, unborn children.

  5. “Recall Eisenhower’s words…..Beware of the military industrial complex.”

    The last true Republican and really decent President. Everyone else since has sold us all down the road whether you want to face up to the truth or not.

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