Another terrific night out! Doing good. Two out of the last 3.

It takes time to adjust after you have not been out and about because of illness. I have to be frank however, no drinking and smoking no fun. Eight weeks now. Difficult! But when it comes to my health, I do what I am told. Even though I hate it!

The game plan last night was for Jean and I to meet and then go to dinner. She returns home to Birmingham tuesday. I will not see her again till February, unless there is a hurricane and I have to leave town.

Jean talking with Sheila when I arrived. We chatted a while. Then 2 seats opened at the bar. I told Jean and Sheila to sit. I would get a bar stool from across the room. As I started to  lift it, Paco showed up to help. Never met him before. Kind of him.

Paco and his wife Michelle are from Avon, Ohio. Fifteen miles outside Cleveland. Paco a high school teacher. Michelle a physician. Her specialty psychiatry. She is on the staff of Case Western University.

John asked them why did they select Key West for their vacation. No particular reason. Whatever, they were having a wonderful time!

I look forward to chatting with them again before they leave Key West.

Neil came in and sat next to me. From Georgia. We had met last year. I was disappointed I did not have more time spend with him.

Jean decided on La Trattoria for dinner. I should buy a piece of the place. In recent months, I have been there 2-3 times a week.

The ever charming Tiffany bartending.

As Jean and I sat at the bar, Tiffany exclaimed…..Louis, you are with a different woman every time you come in! Not really. However it was nice of her to say it. At 84, an ego booster.

The season is long over. Key West not a ghost town. However significantly less crowded than in season.

I mention this because La Trattoria was packed last night. Every table. People standing in the bar waiting for their table. A lot of families.

As far as La Trattoria was concerned last night, it was season.

Good news, bad news.

Joe Mazey this year’s Hemingway Look-a-Like. Runner up last year.

Joe has been trying for 8 years to win. He hung in there and finally came up the winner. The winner last night out of 141 contestants.

No one wins the first, second, or third years. It generally takes 8-10. I have a Chart Room friend I run into every year. He has been trying for 26 years.

A new Farmers Market will open August 1. At the Truman Waterfront. Thursdays from 10-2.

I was a frequent visitor to the Farmers Market at Bayview Park which recently closed.

The new owner is Daily-Plan It.

I sense one negative. Won’t kill the business. Will stop me from being a customer, however.

Too far to walk. Need to drive.

Free parking available to just about everyone. Except people like me.

I live in Key West. My car is owned by an out of state person. Key West has residential parking permits. When I went to get one, I was denied. Permits only go to Key West residents. My fact pattern did not qualify me. Ergo, I do not have a parking permit.

I called one of the owners. Asked why? He was very nice. Not his company’s rule. The City’s.

The happening typical of Key West. I am about to complain. Parking is a pain in the ass in Key West. Ask tourists who are paying $4 an hour to park in public lots. With a 4 hour limit. I obviously will not be going. My loss as well as the City’s.

My initial reaction was to call someone at the City and complain. I have done so in the past. To a new member of the City Commission. With an issue each time I thought important. I spelled out my concern out. Was ignored. A lame excuse given. No follow up by the City.

In each instance, I was correct in the final analysis.

The sad news. Michael’s has closed. A tragedy. Michael’s has been one of Key West’s finest dining spots for many years. Owned and operated by the husband and wife team of Melanie and Michael.

Goldie Hawn is rarely seen in a movie these days. Always a bright light, I miss her.

Goldie spent some time in Key West in 1990. Making the film CrissCross. It came out in 1992.

The 50th anniversary of Apollo 11 was saturday. Apollo 11 was mentioned frequently in the film.

I have been running around Key West going on 30 years. When I first arrived, no one even talked about alligators and crocodiles. In the last 10 years, they have become a subject of discussion. Popping up here and there. A large one on the golf course a few years ago. He was difficult to capture.

Two articles of interest re alligators and crocodiles in this morning’s Key West Citizen.

The first a warning. Beware! When the weather is exceptionally warm, there are more hatchings. Means more danger to humans.

Interestingly, the weather also determines the sex. This year will result in more males being born. June was the hottest month ever on record globally. The weather affects gender. Males will be more plentiful.

Another article on a different page. There is a nuclear plant in southwest Florida. It is surrounded by 168 miles of canals. American crocodiles thrive in these canals. Whether the nuclear plant the reason was not discussed.

Several hundred crocodiles call the canals home.

This year an unusually large number being hatched. Hot weather not commented upon. The inference is the nuclear plant might be.

Like the chickens in Key West. alligators and crocodiles are protected species. Cannot be killed. Must be captured and sent to a habitat conducive to their health and well being to live out their lives.

Does not make sense to me in either instance. Kill/eradicate the chickens, alligators and crocodiles.

I mentioned Elgin’s marbles in yesterday’s blog. Did not set forth why called marbles. I did not know.

John Galt has been a blog reader for some time. He commented this morning as to the reason why Elgin’s marbles are so referred to. I share his comment with you: “The pieces taken were carved by the famous architect and sculptor, Phidias. He was a master at the art of carving marble, and all of the pilfered works of art were sculpted from marble. Hence the name, Elgin’s marbles.”

The Fortune Global 500 evaluates corporations world wide based on revenue. It is a status symbol to be listed in Fortune Global.

Since World War II, the U.S. has been #1. Till the most recent listing. China has surpassed the U.S. and is now #1. China had 129 corporations on the recent list whereas the U.S. 121.

Dueling Bartenders tonight.

Enjoy your day!



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    • Then you will be very happy when Trump and Trumpism is defeated in 2020…… you can go weeks or months without hearing about his sad antics on the nightly news.

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