Nothing surpasses quality music.  Especially singing by the 3 Tenors. What better way to open today’s blog.

O Sole Mio as performed in 1994 as part of their grand world wide tour.

Thank you, Louis. Loved it!

Something else different this morning and for the past few days. I have advertisers! After 15 years!

We are running into some problems. All correctable, I am sure. The one that stands out at the moment is that 3 of the same ad appear at one time. Sloan survived COVID and is back to work. We met about the problem this morning. Her responsibility to work it out. I am sure she will.

In the meantime, enjoy the ads. Some quite good.

The Cuomo situation I find interesting. There is more than meets the eye. Background information that in due course will become public.

Cuomo’s primary attorney is Rita Glavin. I never heard of her. However, there can be no question she probably is one of the best. The Cuomo problem is major league ball.

The Attorney General’s Report came out last week. Immediately the mob assembled seeking Cuomo’s hanging. Reminded me of Jesus and Barbarous. The mob cared nothing for Jesus. When given the choice, it demanded Bararous be sparred and Jesus crucified.

Cuomo’s attorney Glavin has put forth two reports contradicting much of the Attorney General’s Report. Glavin’s first report was a detailed response to the purported “independent” report by the Attorney General. The subsequent and more detailed Glavin’s of 8/3/21: Position Statement of Governor Andrew M. Cuomo Concerning The Sexual Harassment Allegations Made Against Him.

Both reports can be found on the internet. Every word of each. I suggest you read both before arriving at any conclusions at the moment.


It appears Cuomo’s enemies are out to get him. Frankly, they did an excellent job initially. Truth however has a way of surfacing. Cuomo will survive the deluge.

In the many months Trump was bringing lawsuits without any factual basis, I kept advising that at some point those representing Trump’s position would be sanctioned. Punished financially by a federal judge. Federal courts do not permit baseless lawsuits. Trump or his people brought 63, won 1, lost 62.

It has finally happened. A group of attorneys have had sanctions levied upon them.

The case is in a California federal court. The sanction decision by the judge came down this past week.

The judge first found the cases to have been frivolous and without merit. The judge based the sanction relief on her finding that the pro Trump allies attempted to use the courts to vet right wing conspiracies.

The attorneys being sanctioned are Gary D. Fielder and Ernest John Walker. I mention their names because time will reveal their representation in the California cases is going to cost them a hell of a lot of money. Years of savings will be gone paying the sanctions. Significant loans may have to be made if personal funds are insufficient.

They are being punished and made to pay for trying to use the law in an abnormal fashion to support Trump claims.

The sanctions: They must pay all attorney fees for Facebook, Dominion Voting Systems, the States of Michigan, Pennsylvania, Georgia and Wisconsin, and the Non-Profit Center for Technology and Civic Life.

Exact amounts will be known as the named defendants provide their bills to the court.

This blog receives some interesting comments. In addition to some not so. Actually, pure vile.

I was impressed with: “Al Gore lost the 2,000 election by 537 votes. Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 election by 3 million votes. But Trump lost the 2020 election by 7 million votes. Sore loser, eh?”

The Citizens’ Voice published a comment re the virus: “The unvaccinated do not need to wear masks. They already got their heads in the sand.”

Seems more and more drugs are coming in through the Keys. The most recent “find” a 2.4 pound cocaine brick with a street value of $55,000. It was found on the beach at the Fort Zachary Taylor State Park. Considered Key West’s best beach.

Steve Thompson’s friend Turkey came to Key West. He was a bit of a disaster. Honestly so. His happenings will appear over the next couple of days.

Turkey’s day 1 appears in TACOS paragraph 25.

Some friends were opening a saloon / On United Street called the Full Moon / Sid and Vic wanted a bar with some class / So they got this beautiful antique stained glass / It was laid out on the floor to install / In the one window in the middle of the wall / Turkey from Fort Lauderdale just got to town / So I decided to bring him down / Turk worked in a disco where the dance floor was lit / and he broke the antique glass when he stepped on it / Sid pulled me aside and said to me, / “Did you say this guy’s name is Turkey?”

Enjoy your Sunday!

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  1. Lou, did you know that Plácido Domingo was accused of sexually harzzsing several women over a number of decades?

    One of the few I am sure that can’t be found not to have had any connection with Roger Stone.

  2. justFAKEsaying thinks he’s clever. Thing is whenever he posts he lies. That’s the way these wingnuts are, they can’t tell the truth or play fair, because they’re in over their heads and don’t know (or care) what is real anymore.

    But everybody knows who he is (and who he isn’t.

  3. He’s just more interesting in figuring out where Sloan lives, so he can out her, than anything else. That’s how these pricks roll.

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