My weekly KONK Life column is reprinted one morning a week in KONK E-Blast. This week’s column is Black Lives Matter / Play Tough. The title and my name appear in this morning’s E-Blast. The column is not mine. Someone else’s. A movie critique involving pop music. Not up my alley.

I already blasted Guy deBoer about today’s E-Blast. I assume it will be corrected tomorrow.

A tragedy? Just announced! Hogfish fishing is prohibited in Florida State waters from this coming monday to January 1. State says hogfish overfished.

The ban only in State waters. Not federal waters. Federal waters begin three miles out. The ban is limited to recreational fishers only. Not commercial.

The ban does not make sense to me. If there is a problem, the ban should apply in both waters. Correct the problem forthwith. To limit it to recreational fishers appears to me a drop in the bucket.

My yesterday was simple. A haircut in the morning with Lori. Bocce in the evening. Some writing in between.

Lori just returned from a Long Island/Maine trip visiting family. Looked healthy. A tan on top of her usual tan.

We won all three bocce games last night. We played a team of lesser quality. Beat them decisively the first two games. Eked out a three point win the last game. We are now 5-1 for the season.

Jared Fogle is going to jail. Fogle is the college student who lost over 200 pounds eating Subway sandwiches each day. Subway hired him immediately as their marketing guru. Fogle made a ton of money. His fortune is estimated at $15 million.

Fogle a pedophile also. Sex with underage girls. He got caught. Everything lost. Money, position and family. His wife said she is divorcing him.

Fogle was in Key West 7-8 years ago. I was having dinner on the porch at the Reach’s Strip House. He was dining two tables away. I had never heard of him. The waiter told me who he was and what he had accomplished. The ladies were constantly bothering him for his autograph.

He was thin. Very thin. Yet dining on steak and potatoes.

Airbnb a success. Unquestionably. They are world wide providers of  cheaper vacation and business lodgings. A relatively new kid on the block like Uber.

The hotel industry is in danger. Including the overpriced Key West hotels. Key West alone is threatening to kill the goose that lays the golden egg. A drop in hotel rates is inevitable over the next couple of years. Not because the hotels will have become more reasonable. Because the Airbnb competition will have forced it.

The new female Viagra will not be blue. It will be pink and marketed as “the little pink pill.”

Banks have gotten away with murder in recent years. Wall Street caused the 2008 mortgage disaster and recession.

Our government has not pursued the bankers for wrongdoing. Former Attorney General Holder told us first that banks were too big to fail and then that they were too big to prosecute.

Bankers got a free ride. Not indicted, tried and sent to jail. Bankers have continued to play similar games to those they played leading up 2008. Getting richer as a result.

There was a column by Darrell Delamaide in yesterday’s USA today. He lays the failure to hold the bankers responsible at Obama’s feet. An administrative decision.

His column contained an interesting few lines re bankers and their present state of mind: “Bankers used to take it on faith that they were immune to prosecution. Now they know it is a fact, and that will embolden them in the future to once again violate the law with impunity.”

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  1. “Banks have gotten away with murder in recent years. Wall Street caused the 2008 mortgage disaster and recession.”

    I totally agree. And what was once a free market system has been eclipsed by cronyism, paid for politicians and the monopolization of every industry from the media and internet to fiances. When you vote for any mainstream candidate you are voting for “Them” to continue their looting of our nation.

  2. “Why not put the blame where it belongs.”

    I agree Congress and Guvment did not help and egged on the crazy loans but lets be clear here, they didn’t need to take Wall Street, the banksters or anyone else along kicking and screaming. This was an example of crazy deregulation coupled with the “can’t lose taxpayer bailout” through your bought and paid for Congress. A sweet deal for those few that cashed in on everyone else’s misery and the demise of our economy.

    I counter your Wall Street Journal with My Forbes:

  3. When under threat by the clinton admin of prosecution, why not make the loan as then required and then sell it when able. So, I’ll see your Forbes and raise,,,

    At this time one can find anything to show their opinion, or the opinion of a person writing the article that the reader happens to fall in line with his/her beliefs.
    We’re not about to change anyones mind, so, I’m done.

  4. The decline of the Hogfish has been well known for quite some time. Therefore some concerned people have stopped eating them, its just their way of trying to help. The new rules seem typical of most government solutions, too little too late.
    I also support the increase of restricted fish spawning areas throughout the keys. Let the fish reproduce, keep the population viable. Besides, to me, there is nothing better than a cooler full of Yellow Tail or Dolphin. Lionfish are also really good eating and their population needs to be eliminated.

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