Can you imagine life without Ernest Hemingway?

It almost was.

A recent Washington Post article by James McGrath Morris describes the event where Hemingway might have been lost forever. Not only the happening, but also the identity of the person who was Hemingway’s accidental savior.

World War I. Hemingway a Red Cross ambulance driver in Italy. The Italians and Austrians in a deadly battle on an Italian hill side. Hemingway and the Italians under heavy mortar fire from the Austrians.

Hemingway was standing outside his ambulance. An Italian soldier in front of him.

A mortar struck. The Italian soldier’s body took the brunt of the explosion. Killed instantly. Actually saved Hemingway from death. Hemingway did suffer serious wounds which hospitalized him for a period of time.

Who was the Italian soldier? In all likelihood, Hemingway probably never knew the soldier in front of him who in effect died while saving Hemingway’s life. No mention in any of Hemingway’s books as to the soldier or the scenario.

The Italian soldier’s identity was only recently discovered.

Eighteen Italian soldiers died on that hillside during the mortar attack. A study began in 2017 to determine if the Soldier standing in front of Hemingway could be identified. By process of elimination, the number was brought down to 3. The list finally narrowed to 1.

Fedele Temperini. Age 26.

This factual recounting caused me to think. Were it not for Temperini, there would have been A Farewell To Arms, The Sun Also Rises, For Whom The Bell Tolls, The Old Man And The Sea.

Nor the Sloppy Joe stories, the Hemingway House, and the Hemingway Look A like contests.

Nor Hemingway’s famous love affair with Agnes von Kurowsky which was the central theme in A Farewell To Arms.

Donna cooked last night! As usual, the perfect meal! Some type broiled chicken accompanied by a delicious sauce.

A great day for the ladies! Their annual Women’s March today. The Florida Keys Chapter of Women’s March Florida is taking place in Key West. The March will go down Duval to Mallory Square. Speakers at Mallory Square.

The ladies will be promoting LOVE, a feeling stronger than hate.

This afternoon at 2, Syracuse/Pitt. Apparently Syracuse’s victory over Duke last week failed to impress the odds makers. Syracuse a 9 point underdog.

Trump is screwing my afternoon up. He is addressing the nation at 3. In the middle of the Syracuse/Pitt game. Being the political junkie I am, I will switch channels to watch Trump. I hope he is not long winded.

Key West is the location of a significant Coast Guard Base. They constantly save lives and interdict drugs. Saviors and a first line of defense.

During the shutdown, the Coast Guard is required to work. Not being paid, however.

Things are getting tough. I saw on TV last night the wife of one federal employee out west who gave blood for $50 to help her family.

Disgraceful! Shameful!

Anyhow, Willie T’s on Duval is extending a helping hand. Until the shutdown is over, free lunches to Coast Guard members in uniform and their immediate families. Seven days a week till the shutdown is resolved.

Going back in history, on this day in 1959 the movie Operation Petticoat began filming in Key West. A comical submarine movie, it starred Cary Grant and Tony Curtis.

I recall watching the movie for the first time during my last semester in law school.

Key West a funky town. Great place to live or visit. Fun.

Drag Queens a feature tourists enjoy watching. They visit Key West’s drag emporiums in large numbers.

There is a side to drag queening that does not exist in Key West. However is gaining popularity in some parts of the world. So far on a legal basis.

Child drag queening.

At the outset let me say I consider the whole thing absolutely disgusting!

Queen Lactatee (real name Nemis Quinn Melancon Golden) is 10. A Canadian Drag Queen. Reportedly taking the world of drag by storm.

This 10 year old boy is described as “creative, curvy, and magical.”

His drag pictures and videos accompanied the internet articles concerning him. He is a beautiful appearing young lady.

Another young Drag Queen is Desmond Napoles. Ten also. Not as attractive as Queen Lactatee. However has the body moves.

Desmond says he “came out of the closet at 3.”

The word is the young are taking the world of drag by storm. The argument is made there is a sex wakening in children at an earlier age than previously thought.

All of which leaves me totally confused. Is pedophilia part of the popularity aspect?

Today, we have been made aware of transsexuals. Properly so. They make up 3 percent of the population. We have all read the articles about how such individuals became aware they were in the wrong body at an early age.

Also in the mix is that young children are motivated/directed by their parents. How much of this young drag queen scenario is in reality the misuse of children in order to make money?

There is another new fad out there. Young plasma treatments. Taking the blood of the young and transferring it into the bodies of older persons.

Whether a health aid or a way to combat aging, the concept is gaining in popularity. A medical school graduate founded the business. Named it Ambrosia. Ambrosia has offices in 5 cities: Los Angeles, Tampa, Omaha, Houston, and San Francisco.

Donors are ages 16-25. Patients receiving the blood transfers 30 or older. Patient base so far runs from 30 to 92.

Not cheap. One liter of blood costs $8,000. Two liters, $12,000.

I wonder how much the donors are paid? Has to be a pretty good buck.

Enjoy your day!


  1. Lou, according to a NY times article a year or so ago, the trans community made up 0.3% of the population. Where is your 3% number from.

    • Excellent question. Read more before you ask, however. Too many inquiries for me to respond. Forces me to be selective which I do not like doing. The numbers are all over the place. The 0.3 number is considered a “rough estimate.” A 2017 Gallup Poll said 4.5 percent of the adult population. Comprised of 5.1 percent women and 3.9 percent men. Another study reported the LGBT number to be 3.5 percent. I picked a middle figure. As correct as any of the other judgments.

  2. I read very carefully what you wrote. You only referenced “transsexuals “ in the 3% number, whereas they represent a very small portion of the LGBTQ community. Numbers and facts matter.

  3. Lou, 3% of the population is roughly 10 million people. That seems by any stretch to be extremely high for the transsexual population. That would average out to 200,000 trans in each of the 50 states.

    Sharpen your pencil a little better.

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