A nipple movement! By ladies, supported by some men.

Active in Key West. Though I have not seen any results on the streets. Active also nationally. Nipple Movement has a Twitter page. 168,000 followers.

If I understand the movement correctly, it is to give women equal rights as men regarding public display of breasts. The right to bare them. Free the Nipple the cry!

I for one would not be opposed. Lets see ’em!

I joke. With tongue in cheek. If the women of America want this right, they should have it. Called equality. What is good for the goose is good for the gander. And vice versa.

Key West photographer Nick Dole is a leader/helper in Key West.  He photographs the nipples. What a job! Thus far 89 women showed up for Doll’s first shoot. He is going to have two more.

I recall ten years ago a national movement re the same issue. On a specified day, women across America were going to walk bare chested. A number of women said they were going to do so in Key West. The Police Chief said no. If you do, you will be arrested.

The ladies folded. My recollection is that they walked, but none exposed their breasts.

A pic solely of a woman’s nipples is easier to do. Assuming the face is not involved. Easy to be brave where identity is hidden.

Pub crawls are big in Key West. Though an excuse is never needed to drink. A pub crawl is an organized walk stopping prearranged at several bars. A drink, a tee shirt.

There was a pub crawl yesterday. To celebrate the Fourth. Called Bar Stroll Red White and Blue. In the Harbor walk area.

Last night was Tavern ‘n Town for me. Bobby Nesbitt time.

Two fellows sat next to me. We struck up a conversation. A good one. Lasted through dinner. Greg from West Palm and David from St. louis. Both originally from Columbus. They return home today, unfortunately. Hope to hear from them the next time they visit.

I spent the best part of the day researching this week’s KONK Life column. Calling it Illegal Human Trafficking.

Not what you think.

Brunch later this morning at Martin’s with Dee.

A big day in Greece. The vote! Anna failed me this morning. I have not yet received her daily report. She arrived in Santorini yesterday. I am anxious to know her further observations.

Enjoy your Sunday!

2 comments on “NIPPLE MOVEMENT

  1. It should be a crime for men to show their nipples then too. What is the difference?! And some men have no business walking around with shirts off. Ughh

  2. As much as I enjoy looking the human body,[ the female human body] there are some of either sex that should not take off their tops. Some nipples that are situated near the waist and pointed straight at the ground can make you want to gouge your eyes out.

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