I screw up occasionally. A bit more as I get older.

Nicki has been a friend for several years. She and husband Tom.

I ran into them at Tavern ‘n Town last saturday. Mentioned the meeting in my blog the next morning. Said…..Ran into Tom and Nancy. Ain’t Nancy. It’s Nicki. Tom corrected me at bocce last night.

Sorry, Nicki! Whether Nicki or Nancy, I still love you!

My former team mates played well last night. Won all three. Stan, the star. Right on!

Rough day yesterday. A manicure and pedicure at noon.

Took me 10 days to get the appointment. The two times I called for an appointment, Tammy sounded as if she was in a panic…..No appointment… next week. I could not understand.

Found out yesterday. Their air conditioning was on the blink. Was not getting fixed.

Ricky was telling the woman he was giving a pedicure to about a new diet concept he had come across. Purportedly, also good for the skin. Russian mushrooms. Come from the top of a mountain in Russia. You get them and boil them down. Then mix with a liquid.

I’m gullible as to new diets. My whole life. Looked it up on the internet this morning. The concept did not turn me on.

Then to Lori for a haircut. Lori got married last week. A make believe wedding. She and her husband had married New Years Eve at City Hall. The family was upset. wanted to be present for the wedding. The solution was a wedding last sunday with everything but a minister. Married at West Martello. Followed by a reception at Rooftop.

The family came from Maine and Long Island. All 110 of them. Her father cried.

Lori showed me a picture of her and her husband. She looked lovely in her white wedding gown.

The Cuban Coffee Queen is around the corner from Lori’s place. Stopped for a late lunch.

Scotch taped to the wall was a sign saying a steak sandwich was available. Not on the menu. I tried it. You should try it. Absolutely outstanding!

Key West is full of music. The Key West Songwriters Festival started wednesday. Every nook and cranny in town has musicians performing day and night. More than 100 participants. The Festival has achieved a world wide reputation.

This week’s KONK Life column Afghanistan and America’s Heroin Addiction was linked this morning to my Key West Lou website. The column had only been on the street yesterday 24 hours. People stopped to compliment me on the article. It might be one of the best I have done. Whatever, an eye opener!

Roger Bannister ran the first sub 4 minute mile this day in 1954. Did it in 3 minutes 59.4 seconds.

I remember the run clearly. I was 19 at the time. My Dad and I watched it on TV. A very small screen in those days.

I was not much interested. My Dad was however so I joined him. He got all excited when Bannister came in under 4 minutes. I was glad I was with him at the time to share in his joy. I still remember.

A current GM mosquito report. Oxitec announced that Grand Cayman Island is going to be buried in GM mosquitoes beginning in June. Not a test. A for real effort. The mosquitoes were tested on Grand Cayman in 2010.

That the government of the Cayman Islands has seen fit to go ahead should not deter those who are opposed here in the keys. Especially in Key Haven. I am not sold on whether the process is safe for humans.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. I can’t find one single problem from the Grand Cayman mosquito release. I also can’t find any problems with the releases in other areas of the world.

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