Another bombing. New York City. Chelsea neighborhood. Twenty nine injured.

Determined to be a home made dumpster bomb. A pressure cooker and cell phone combination.

There was another bombing. This one Saturday at Seaside, New Jersey. A pipe bomb. On the route of a 5K race. Fortunately, the start of the race was delayed for non related reasons. Otherwise, injuries might have been dramatic.

We must continue to be vigilant. What else can we do? The perpetrator in each instance was probably a local person who has become dedicated to ISIS principles.

Spent my daytime yesterday researching this week’s KONK Life column. An American Revolutionary War Hero Who Lost His Head. The story of Joseph Warren. A colonist who did much for the Patriot cause in the days leading up to and the Revolutionary War itself.

Chart Room first last night. Could not even get in. That is how jammed it was.

Headed over to Berlin’s. Intended to have dinner there. Bar empty. Emilie waiting to bartend. I was the first customer of the evening. Enjoyed a Maine lobster dish.

By the time I was ready to leave, the bar was packed. Every seat taken and people standing.

Berlin’s featured a singer last night. I think her name was Brie. Could not get it clearly. A lovely lady with an equally lovely voice. I never heard of her or saw her perform before last night. Assuming she is new to Key West, the folks here will love her.

Worked dinner off by walking Duval looking at the motorcycles. Magnificent. They seem to get bigger each year. They were all over the place. Even on the side streets.

Viewing the bikes and having some knowledge as to their cost, it was obvious a segment of our society is not suffering economically.

The first 2/3s of my Sunday is set. Meet the Press. Then the afternoon spent writing this week’s KONK column. Tonight, I am not sure what if anything.

Syracuse, my Syracuse! Defeated by South Florida 45-20 .

Should not have been.

At the end of the first quarter, Syracuse was ahead 17-0. Then the roof fell in.

Unusual, if the stats are examined. Syracuse ran 105 plays. Gained 549 yards. Controlled the ball 38 minutes. Converted half of its 3rd down conversions. Completed 65 percent of its passes. Key running back gained 127 yards.

The gods were not with Syracuse yesterday.

Enjoy your Sunday!

8 comments on “NEW YORK CITY BOMBING

  1. “The perpetrator in each instance was probably a local person who has become dedicated to ISIS principles.”

    ISIS has no principles, they are psychotic murderers whom need to be each hunted, killed and their bodies burned to rid the earth of vermin.

  2. Hi Lou,

    The singers name is Bria, she’s been in town 10 years or so and a very nice young lady. Emilie is also a favorite of mine when she’s behind the bar at Berlins.

    Farmer Devin

  3. I think – the snoop that I am – that Anonymous is French bc he/she/trans wrote Emilie the French way not Emily the American way. Yes? Mais oui?

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