The next 3-4 months will see the completion of the new motels being constructed on the Boulevard across the street from the Marriott Beachside. From construction completed thus far, they are beautiful to behold.

I believe the new motels will create a new business dynamic for Key West. A new play area for tourists and locals alike. Due to the new Boulevard construction, there is a sidewalk running along the front of the motels. People will be able to go from one to the other with no problem.

Each motel will probably have a restaurant and bar. One or two will become unusually popular.

Parking becomes another attraction. Key West City fathers have parking completely screwed up. There will be no parking problem at the motels.

I wrote next week’s KONK Life column yesterday. Black Panthers Return. An eye opener. They are back. This time however considered to be on the right. They have come alive in Dallas. The resurgence caused by Ferguson. It was the last straw.

This week’s KONK column is available for reading on today’s KONK Life E-Blast News. Rank Insubordination. Re the New York City police and Mayor de Blasio situation. Interesting factual reading. Definitely opinionated.

Decided on Kelley’s last night. A good crowd. Sat at the outside bar and enjoyed. Chatted with various tourists. All happy with Key West!

Every now and then I feel compelled to write about Harry Truman. My hero! One of the best Presidents ever!

While President, Truman made 11 trips to Key West totaling 175 days. He loved Key West. He worked yet found time for enjoyable leisure activities. He relaxed, walked, swam, fished, played cards, and slept. I suspect had Hemingway been in Key West at the same time, they would have been great friends. Can you envision Truman and Hemingway seated at the corner of Sloppy Joe’s bar?

Truman stayed on the US Navy base at what has come to be known as The Little White House. The Little White House was built in 1890. A two family dwelling, it housed the commandant and paymaster. In 1911, the building was converted to a one family. Historically in preparation for Truman, though no one knew it at the time.

This morning’s Key West Citizen carries a picture of Tennessee Williams standing with his dog on the front porch of his home on Duncan Street. The home is as well kept today as it appears in the photo. A credit to owners who came after Williams. Shows respect not only for the house, but also for its historical significance.

Facebook this morning has a photo of Bob and Helen Marks taken on their wedding day in a Lutheran Church in Portland, Maine. I am in it! First person on the left. Thirty four years ago. I was best man. I had hair, was thin and, if i may say so, looked good. What a shocker!

Though I have congratulated Bob and Helen a couple of times this week already, congrats once again to two wonderful people!

Don and Chris are back! Don probably from somewhere in the Far East. He spends 80 percent of the year doing business in Asia. The two are die hard Syracuse fans. Syracuse basketball will predominate the conversation.

Don and Chris, I will be at the Chart Room tonight at 6 looking for you. If Dan is in town and you know how to reach him, have him join us.

Enjoy your day!


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