A new bocce season is underway. Not actually new. It is already mid-season.

Though I no longer play, I stop by to watch. Technically, Don and David continue to carry me on the roster as a team member. They also make sure a bottle of Beefeaters is available for whenever I show up.

The team is doing well. Last night, they won 2 out of 3 games. They have had many wins similar in number this season. I mentioned it was hard to be fighting for first place if a game a week is being lost. In spite of two victories each time.

I asked what place the team was in. Sixth. Proved my point I told them. No, it did not. In sixth place, two games out of first. Appears everyone is having the same problem this season.

The team looked good. Very good. Amazing the improvement that has occurred over the years.

It was late when bocce finished. I was hungry. No dinner. I stopped at Outback for a small steak.

Spent yesterday afternoon doing nothing. Sat out on the deck by the water reading and snoozing.

April is National Poetry Month. The Florida Keys Community College is sponsoring a poetry recital next thursday April 14 at 2 in  the afternoon. In the College library. Speakers will recite classic, contemporary, and self-crafted poetry. Sounds like an interesting and exciting afternoon.

Some, not all, are turned on by poetry. I am. If you are, join me at the College. The sponsors promise a fun event.

It appears the brakes have been put on the GM mosquito issue. For a time only. The FDA has extended the public comment period because of the furor over the issue.

One thing continues to aggravate me. Those that write re the issue fail to correctly report/explain an important detail. They report the FDA determined there was no significant impact. Sounds like FDA approval for use of the GM mosquitos from a human impact perspective.

Not correct!!!

The FDA study/research re no significant impact had nothing to do with being safe for humans. The chemicals used were safe to be used on male mosquitos. Such was the finding. Nothing more.

No independent/outside source has yet to report re safety to human beings.

Another Hemingway tidbit. On this day in 1928, Hemingway arrived in Key West for the first time on a steam ship from Havana.

The Flint lead problem has goosed federal agencies to be more careful. A good result from a bad situation.

The FDA issued a warning re infant rice cereal. An increase in arsenic levels has been found.

Parents have been warned to avoid infant rice cereals that fail to meet a certain level. The level is 100 parts per billion (ppb). Most cereals are at that level or a bit over. Around 110. I don’t know if the extra 10 points make a difference. Whatever, parents be aware.

June, where are you?

Enjoy your day!




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