No blog yesterday. Sorry. It was a tough day medically.

Began with a morning visit with Dr. Blass re need for an endoscopy. It has been scheduled for June 28.

In the afternoon, a monitor visit with the heart doctor’s office. I was fitted for one. Must wear it two weeks.

In the meantime, lunch at Harpoon Harry’s. Got into a long discussion with one of the waitresses and a fellow customer about bocce. The waitress plays 3 times a week. In the wednesday night league and with friends for fun on saturday and sunday.

The customer never played. I am sure he was sorry after hearing all the fun we had.

I was tired, but decided to go out for dinner. Wearing my new monitor friend.

Opted for Grady’s. Had a craving for their wings. Glad I went. Had a great evening!

Ran into Russell, an old friend from Don’s Place. A good 10 years since I last saw him.

Also met a terrific couple. Vanessa and Ty. As does Russell, both live near Grady’s.

I enjoyed six wings. Didn’t need more.

Enjoyed big time moreover talking with Ty and Russell. Ty a conservative, Russell a liberal. One a Trumper, the other a Biden supporter.

I was seated between them. Got into it a little bit. The two were too interesting to intrude upon.

Ty works with Island Door and Windows. He and I chatted a bit about the poor windows at the Golf Course complex.

Vanessa an interesting woman. She works for the State Attorney as a Victim’s Advocate. She has been with the State Attorney’s office 24 years.

Dev Shah is a 14 year old boy from Largo, Florida. He won a distinction that he will carry with him the rest of his life. He won the Annual National Spelling Bee Contest.

He correctly spelled “psammophile.” 

He deserved to win!

Psammophile is an organism that thrives in sandy soils.

If you think the word appears difficult, he had to first spell probouleutic, zwitterion and schistorrhachis to get at it.

His victory brought with it a $50,000 cash award.

Churchill Downs shutting down in the wake of 12 recent horse deaths.

About time!

My fear was it would take meetings ad infinitum, with continued racing, while trying to figure out what went wrong. Which would have, as a practical matter, meant more horses would die.

Racing operations will be suspended effective June 7.

It happened again. The monthly jobs report is higher than anticipated. Much higher.

Employers added 339,000 jobs in May. Only 190,000 had been forecast.

The great debt ceiling drama is over. The debt ceiling raised.

Both Presidnet Biden and Speaker McCarthy describe the agreement as a “reasonable and hard fought compromise.”

The New York Times added: “While Donald Trump may have once written a book titled ‘The Art of the Deal,’ Joe Biden is the one who actually knows how to get a deal over the goal line.”

What follows sounds like something DeSantis would have passed: On this day in 1904, the Key West Ministerial Association, because of lax views on the island regarding marriage, passed the following resolution: “No person is to be married who is known to have a divorced husband or wife still living, unless that person be the innocent party in a case of a decree granted for the cause of adultery.”

First hurricane of the season named Arlene. A tropical storm. Winds 40 mph. Perhaps some rain saturday and sunday. Arlene expected to be yesterday’s news come sunday by which time it will have dissipated. 

A nothing.

May they all be so!

Enjoy your day!


      • Oh, you mean “Brady’s, the old Shanna Key Grill, or Sally O’Brians, that place has seen a lot of different owners, hasn’t it? The food has remained pretty much the same

        • You are correct. Brady’s. New owners have painted inside and out. Fresh looking. Food the same quality. Prices basically the same Cheap! I had 3 drinks (did bad!), bought a friend a shot and enjoyed 6 chicken wings. $29!

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