Our society is getting more and more screwed up by day.

A Utah school district last week banned the Bible from school libraries. The Book of Mormons is under present consideration for similar treatment.

The Bible was removed from elementary and middle schools after being deemed inappropriate because it contained “vulgarity or violence.” It was permitted to remain in high school libraries.

As to the Book of Mormons, the school district says it will assess it for “all elements of the definitions of pornographic or indecent materials” as defined under Utah law concerning sensitive materials.

The Bible came under attack because of the protest of one parent, a mother, who complained it was “sex ridden.”

Thirty one percent of U.S. citizens are Christian. The Bible the basis of their beliefs. Purportedly the word of God. Vulgarity and violence, yes. Christ was crucified on the cross. His head embedded with a crown of thorns. Sex prevalent, especially in the Old Testament.

The Bible banned because of one woman. Based on a state law that fails to make sense.

The nation has been turned in many areas by a group of old white haired evangelical legislators who have a following consisting of weak minded nobodies they have emboldened to complain. I cannot believe our nation will continue down this path. People will reject this madness and at some point there will be a return to “normalcy.” Unfortunately, it is going to take a while.

DeSantis has been limiting local home rule. One of his whacko positions. He wants to be boss of everything. Can you imagine him as President? It won’t happen.

Such limitations are wrong. Some things are better handled by those who live and work in areas they govern.

Texas Gov. Abbott is ready to sign a bill that does the same thing. However, in one swift swoop. The bill would nullify any city ordinance or regulation that conflicts with existing State policy. Means no city could prohibit LGBTQ discrimination against city employees, limit predatory payday lending practices, restrict overgrown lots or unsafe festivals or inadequate waste storage, local work protests, etc.

DeSantis has been doing it piecemeal. Abbott going at it full force. Re both, why? Doesn’t make sense. Appears to me they want to create a fascist state. People neither need it nor want it. We can think for ourselves!

Ernest Hemingway: “The best writing is when you write in love.” He should know. He was married multiple times.

On this day in 1942, the Battle of Midway began. A four day naval battle. The U.S. won decisively. 

Japan lost 4 carriers, a cruiser, 292 aircraft and suffered 2,500 casualties. The U.S. lost 1 carrier, 1 destroyer, 145 aircraft and suffered 300 casualties.

The battle took place only 6 months after Pearl Harbor. It marked the beginning of a U.S. winning streak. Three years later, Japan surrendered.

Why the 339,000 new jobs in May? A trend that has continued in 13 of the last 14 months.

Some believe it is because more immigrants are being admitted and absorbing available positions. More immigrants are available to work because the Pandemic is over. COVID closed the borders. Most have reopened with the Pandemic no longer applying..

Imminent recession is predicted by many. Does not occur. Those who believe the economy is in a poor way are Trumpys who want a recession to bring down Biden. 

Sloan this afternoon. Much to do. Turning into a working Sunday.

Oh well!


  1. Banning the bible is a brilliant move.

    If you can’t ban the bible for “whatever” then you can’t ban anything else for the same “whatever” reason.

    Banning books for “whatever” have consequences!

    But there is something more important. The US Constitution is very clear about the separation of church and state. Whit is a bible doing in public schools, in the first place?

  2. Magic Sky Santa is going to be so pissed is book of indoctrination by fear was removed from the children school, the easiest to brainwash.

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