KONK Life yesterday ran a 1962 photo of Newt Munson and friends standing on Munson Island.

Munson Island?

Today, Little Palm Island.

The island sits in the Atlantic close to shore. Big Pine a few miles away.

In between the two names, the John Kennedy story PT-109 was filmed there.

John Spottswood at some point bought Munson Island from Newt Munson. He did not rename the island.

Spottswood was a distinguished citizen of Key West. Sheriff and State Senator. Real estate entrepreneur. Fathered a wonderful family who carry on his good name today as well as numerous Key West investments.

President Kennedy was visiting. He and Spottswood were driving around in a convertible. Word was a movie was to be made about Kennedy’s World War II exploits. PT-109. Spottswood mentioned to the Presidnet he had an island that was perfect for filming the story.

PT-109 was filmed on Munson Island. Starred Cliff Robertson as John Kennedy.

At some point in time, others purchased the island. Renamed it and built Little Palm Island, the famous resort and restaurant.

Many years later, Cliff Robertson returned to Key West. As National Chairman of an international fund raising drive for the Mel Fisher Museum.

I met Robertson that evening. He was on in his years. Still good looking. A warm, affable man.

His attire from another era. Everything perfect. Sport jacket, shirt, and slacks. Accompanied by an ascot and white bucks!

The ascot and white bucks in no way detracted from his appearance and charm.

Coronavirus all over the world. Especially the U.S. The bubonic plague threatening to break out of Mongolia. Keys mosquitoes having a field day. For the first time in years, dengue fever has returned. Key Largo up to 11 cases.

Reminds me of the inflictions God imposed on the Pharaoh through Moses.

The Keys are a relatively safe place to live. Even Key West which many who do not live here believe the town is wrought with crime and danger.

Every few years, a strange crime occurs. The recent is not a Keys happening. Rather, St. Petersburg.

A woman was jogging along a road. Discovered a human head 7 in the morning in a grassy area between the sidewalk and road. The head badly decomposed.


The matter is under investigation.

Can’t argue with numbers. The U.S. has 4.2 percent of the world’s population, 25.3 percent of coronavirus cases, and 24.4 percent of coronavirus deaths.

The U.S. has handled the virus problem with gross negligence and incompetence. The blame lying solely with Trump

Due to the virus, many are unemployed in the U.S. Financial hurt covers the nation. Not with everyone, however.

A recent study revealed that in the past year the total wealth of U.S. billionaires swelled by $565 billion.

There is a point to be made. Americans cannot depend on their leadership to look after them. At least not the present leadership.

I am inclined to agree with Trump’s niece who labels him a sociopath. His most recent move evidence of the condition. He wants the children of America back in school.

At a time when the coronavirus numbers are off the wall in many states.

Trump’s concern is not the education of the children. It involves showing what he perceives as his success in handling the virus and providing parents with the ability to return to work.

The man is insane! A generation of our children could be lost.

The choice should be solely parental. Not the federal, state or local governments’. Another 6-12 months of virtual education as opposed to bricks and mortar will not hurt. Life is more important.

I want to share some comments re Trump’s push to get the kids back in school. His position not a popular one.

“Sorry, but all my kids have bone spurs. They won’t be going to school unless those spurs are cured.”

“What an unusual combination: mental retardation, sociopathy, and narcissism.”

“Where are the pro-life people?”

“My children’s health is more important than their education. Being a mother we have to protect our babies.”

“This is like being tied up and gagged in the back seat of a car with a drunken driver at the wheel.”

“It seems like he wants to kill everybody… even kids.”

The blind cannot see. Some of those not blind, cannot see.

Even I as a lay person I understand placing a large number of people together without face masks and social distancing is going to result in a coronavirus spike 2-3 weeks thereafter.

Recall the Tulsa rally some 2 weeks ago.

Tulsa is experiencing that spike!

The total number of new cases for monday and tuesday this week were just short of 500.

What will the remainder of the week bring?

Coronavirus continues to affect businesses as well as humans.

United Airlines announced it will furlough nearly 36,000 employees.

Bed Bath & Beyond is closing 20 stores. Sales are down 50 percent.

Brooks Brothers one of my favorite stores. Dressed me and my son for years.

The Company 202 years old.

Filed for bankruptcy yesterday. Intends to close 51 of its 250 North American stores. Brooks will also halt production at its factories in North Carolina and New York in mid-August.

Trump continues to avoid disclosing his personal financial information. I am not referring to his tax returns. Later today, the U.S. Supreme Court will rule if he must and to what extent.

Certain federal employees must annually file a financial disclosure form as to their previous year’s financial activities. Trump has failed to do so. His excuse he has been busy with coronavirus and the report is too “complicated.”

He has filed the report in previous years.

Trump obtained a 45 day extension. The extension ran out one week ago. Trump has still failed to file. Says he will file “as soon as possible.”

Good luck!

Enjoy your day!


  1. And by chance did you say from which shameful Trump lab the covert 19 bug was let free on the world and Key West from ?

  2. “Sandy Fee”t is a well know and persistent Troll on Lou’s blog. He frequently posts outright lies and deliberately misleading comments with the admitted hope of starting arguments.

      • Probably not, but it does explain some of the Bull Sh*t posted on Lou’s blog. Especially to poorly written, low comprehension, mean and hateful off topic stuff.

  3. We need a crash program aimed at providing plenty of equipment for our health care workers, they are getting short again. Better too much than not enough. Somebody get Trump off of his fa.

    • That was forced onto the States, back when. Then FEMA started absconding with what the States went and got, showing up and commandeering shipments sometimes selling it back to the States who bought it in the first place. Some of those very PPP supplies were then sent to Brazil and Russia, maybe even China.

      What we really need is a new government that will pay better attention take this more seriously.

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