We all woke to the news this morning that the great Mohammad Ali had passed away. Sad. May he rest in peace.

Ali is considered one of the world’s greatest boxing champions. The Greatest title was self-imposed one.

A brave man in many respects. He was not afraid to stand up for what he believed in. He had become a Muslim. The Vietnam War had begun. At the time, a popular war. Ali was drafted. His position was simple. He would not go. Based on his religious beliefs.

To be Muslim and refuse to fight for his country was a no no. Ali had the guts to do what he thought right. The U.S. Supreme Court eventually agreed with him.

Ali was quick with tongue as well as hands. He came up with many sayings that live to this day. One of the best…..Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.

Poor Tammy. I was with her for a manicure yesterday afternoon. I could see she was stressed. Her seven year old son was having an emergency appendectomy. Her husband was at the hospital. Tammy watching the shop.

The Chart Room first last night. empty. I was alone with the new bartender John.

John first arrived in Key West last December 1. By December 23, he had a job at the Pier House. Now he is the wednesday, thursday, friday bartender at the Chart Room. A coveted position.

Jean and Joe came in. Jean still celebrating her birthday. A week long event.

Sheila arrived.

The four of us had a good time. A small time locals convention.

Soon the entire room was filled. Tourists. All having a jolly time.

Ted Kane is in Key West. Ted has been visiting Key West for years. Ted is from Madison County. Madison county lies between Syracuse and Utica in upstate New York.

Ted is an attorney. Probably now in his early 70s. He has served for years as confidential clerk to the Madison County Judge.

I never knew Ted back when I worked for a living. My practice did not take me to the Madison County Court. Ted and I met at the Chart Room bar several years ago. We seem to meet each year since then.

Hope to run into Ted before he leaves.

Duffy’s for dinner. Don and Stephanie showed up. I enjoyed a drink with them after dinner.

It amazes me. Don is a nice guy. One of the nicest I have met in my lifetime. Stephanie, equally nice. Two nice people found each other and are still together and nice to each other and everyone they come in contact with.

Don and Steph are becoming grandparents big time. already have three. Two more due. Within two weeks of each other. In January and February.

The League bocce party tonight. The big one. Five hundred plus attendees. On the roof at the relatively new Waterfront Restaurant. A good party at a fantastic location!

Enjoy your day!

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