The eternal problem. Moving the clock one way or the other twice a year.

Many times I was confused which way I was to move it.

Saturday night was clock moving time. This year there was no confusion. I totally forgot about it.

How this occurred, I do not know. I browse several newspapers every day and am always on the internet. Probably old age that I did not see what I should have seen.

Strange because the necessity of changing the time one hour was there.

I was briefly watching TV. My battery operated bedside clock was one hour behind the time on TV. I thought TV was wrong and gave it no further thought.

Last night at the Chart Room, a couple were mentioning they had to hurry because of a 7 o’clock dinner reservation. I looked at my watch. It was only 6.

I quietly mentioned they had an hour. Not sure if they heard me. John did. He laughed and said you forgot to move your watch one hour ahead.

Definitely an age problem.

Spent some time in the afternoon continuing the reading of the Vatican sex scandal book In The Closet of The Vatican. Heavy stuff. If true, worse than we even have been made aware.

An interesting group at the Chart Room.

David and Joanne. I have mentioned them before. They were celebrating Joanne’s 50th birthday. She was thrilled to be 50! Apparently had some medical problems that made her question if she would make it.

Joanne, may you live to be a 100!

Her daughter Sam and son in law Dom came in. David had surprised Joanne for her birthday by having the kids fly down. Nice guy, David.

Joanne a typical grandmother. Showed me pictures of her 2  granddaughters. Don’t blame her. Absolutely lovely!

John mentioned there was a woman from upstate New York at the other end of the bar. Went over to chat. Lo and behold, she was from my home town Utica. Linda Campani. I have met her husband Jim several times. Never was aware of the Utica connection.

Dueling Bartenders at Aqua tonight. A regular monday evening stop for me. Great music, great singing, wonderful people at the bar. Many, regulars.

More spring beakers in town. More arrive each day. Well behaved. Having fun.

A line I read somewhere yesterday worthy of repeating here: We are living in a time when our Nation is experiencing the politics of decline and collapse.

True. New and better political leaders the only way out.

This morning’s Key West Citizen carried an article by the nationally syndicated writer Larry Elder. His column concerned present day thoughts by some that blacks should be paid reparations for slavery.

Absolutely ridiculous! Who thinks up these feather brained ideas?

It bothers me to read that Pelosi supports such a move.

John Kennedy and Barack Obama addressed the idea directly.

Kennedy said, ” I don’t think we can undo the past.”

Obama thought the idea a “political non-starter.” He said, it is wrong “to take a big chunk of the nation’s resources over a long period of time to make that right.”

If we are going to do it for African-Americans, then it should also be done for the Chinese, Irish, Italians, and Native-Born Americans. Though none that I mention wee slaves, they were treated as such. A good portion of my yet to be completed book Growing Up Italian has to do with anti-Italian prejudice.

Enjoy your day!



    • Wasn’t it Obama who set DST to what it is now? As soon as Trump is told, he’ll be against making it permanent and you will have to vote for some one else

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