Morning Stew #20!

One of those mornings. So much to share. Simply going to lay the material out in the order it appears in my notes.

Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou last night.

Hit on the Saudi Arabia oil attack. Explored who really might have done it.

Much of my time was spent involving health care in general and U.S. health care being received by our children. Health insured are down the last 10 years. American kids not well cared for in U.S. system. U.S. ranks #37 in child health care world wide.

Trump spent 2 days doing fundraisers in California. Several over 2 days. Raised $15 million.

Except for the money, don’t know why he spent the time in California. No way can Trump win California. Democratic registration too high.

Watched most of Corey Lewandowski’s appearance before the House Judiciary Committee yesterday. His conduct/performance disgusting. Totally lacking in respect. What can we expect? The President has no respect for anyone. Ergo, it is permissible for those who support him to exercise a similar lack of respect

He stonewalled the Committee.

The Republicans on the Committee showed the same lack of respect for the Committee, its important function, and the Democrats on the Committee.

Lewandowsky testified about 6 hours. The first 5 1/2 wasted. Then came the last  half hour. Per the rules, the last half hour was reserved for a 30 minute examination of Lewandowski by an attorney retained by the Democrats to conduct the examination. The attorney Barry Berke.

An outstanding trial lawyer! Cross-examination his niche. He caught Lewandowski every which way.

There has to be a punishment for those who stonewall and mock a Congressional Committee. If there is none, no information of any value will ever be obtained.

My suggestion is a fine be established before anyone testifies further. Permissible under the law. Something like $5,000, $10,000 or $25,000 per day.

They’ll testify!

Another storm on the way. Tropical storm Jerry. Tenth storm of the season. Jerry is expected to attain hurricane status in the next couple of days.

Presently moving west-northwest. Not expected to place the U.S. in danger. Will sweep north and then east out into the Atlantic.

Humberto still out there. Will pass over the edge of Bermuda today on its way into the northeast Atlantic. Not even close to the U.S. Goodbye, Humberto!

Abortions are at the lowest rate since Roe v. Wade was decided in 1973. A 1980 study showed 29.3 abortions per every 1,000 women of child bearing age. The most recent study in 2017 indicated 13.5 abortions.

Don’t know where you stand on the issue. However, it is important to share as part of this piece that the U.S. is now performing 862,000 abortions a year… spite of the reduction.

They are still counting the ballots in Israel. A very close election. Presently each side has 32 seats. Ballots being counted today will decide if Netanyahu survives. It is expected he will not.

We will know by tomorrow.

The General Motor strike continues. No where close to a resolution.

What GM did yesterday a clear indication of how Corporate America operates. GM cut off medical coverage for all employees effective immediately. Hard to tell what “immediately” means. Either yesterday or next tuesday.

Management said employees will not be hurt. The present contract provides the Union will pay the health insurance premiums for its members. Out of an emergency strike fund.


John Kennedy said, “The basic problems facing the world today are not susceptible to a military solution.”

Kennedy had Russia and Cuba to deal with. Trump, Russia and the Middle East.

World problems cannot be considered and decided by one person. As it took a village to raise a child, it takes a village to exercise good judgment in world affairs.

A President must have a wise staff and rely on them. Not make solitary decisions as Trump does. The President should also be a well versed educated person. A person who reads. Not a personality freak.

The border wall has to make Trump crazy. Just as negating the Iran nuclear deal does.

Trump is anxious to fast track the border wall before the 2020 election. Haste makes waste. A lack of proper in depth examination before proceeding does not bode well for completion of a project.

Going through Arizona, there is  a 5 foot barrer. Trump wants to replace it with a 30 foot steel barrier. The portion of the wall runs through the Arizona Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument. A federal area.

The National Park Service says a problem exists. The work will require bulldozers and excavators that could irreparably damage unexcavated artifacts and other traces of ancient Sonoran Desert peoples.

Five hundred miles of wall involved.

Wonder how Trump will work this one out. Trample over antiquity?

This past week a significant number of spying surveillance devices were found around the District of Columbia. The number/size has been described as massive.

Our people say it is the work of Israelian spies. Trump’s initial response no way.

Silence since the discovery. Will the U.S. take action? Will the situation be swept under the rug?

Certain nations must believe the U.S. has become a patsy since Trump was elected. In addition to other spying type problems, there is the cyber attack on the 2016 elections.

The Civil War has always turned me on. I took several Civil War courses in college.

One of my term papers involved the Presidential election of 1864. George McClellan v. Abraham Lincoln.

Lincoln beat McClellan easily.

McClellan was a know it all. Egotistical.

On this day in 1862, the Battle of Antietam was waged. A one day battle. Decisive. Bloodiest battle of the Civil War. A Union victory. The Confederates left the battle field never to return.

Lee led the Confederate Army. McClellan was a Union general at the time. Head of the Army of the Potomac in the Eastern Theater.

Lincoln told McClellan to finish the job. Go after the retreating Lee.

McClellan was a know it all as indicated before. His nickname was the “youthful Napoleon.” McClellan thought Lee had with him 60,000 fresh troops. Too much for the Union soldiers he had left to handle.

McClellan was wrong. Lee did not have the 60,000 or any other additional amount.

McClellan was always questioning Lincoln. They did not get along. McClellan resigned from the Army and ran for President on the Democratic ticket against the Republican Lincoln.

Another mistake. He got his ass whipped!

A lovely day. They’re all lovely! Key West is truly a paradise.

Enjoy your day!


15 comments on “MORNING STEW #20

  1. Another despicable display by self proclaimed patriots and loyalist to the principles of America. Corey is neither.
    It is necessary, long overdue actually, to hold Trump and his enablers firm to the fire for tarnishing this nation. Do it now!

  2. As a side note, it is refreshing to see Trumps most admired leaders and allies losing their traction. Boris J., Bibi N —That seems to be a very short “nationalist movement” they sparked. Trump is next, 2021 exit on the way.

  3. UAW workers currently on strike earn ON AVERAGE $90,000 per year and pay only 3% of their total health care costs. (WSJ 9/18). Remember, there is always two sides to every story. Neither the unions nor management is 100% right. Negotiate, bargain, make compromises and everyone is happy!

    • UAW workers have made many compromises and have tried to negotiate. Car companies, specifically GM, with whom the UAW workers saved from bankruptcy have not bargained in good faith, refused to make compromises, are closing plants, moving production offshore and eliminating American jobs. What side of the “both sides to every story” are you defending?

      Better that GM disappears and that the only cars being made in this country are done by foreign companies who have no problem producing good cares in this here with happy labor?

      BTW – “UAW workers currently on strike earn ON AVERAGE $90,000 per year and pay only 3% of their total health care costs.” is simply not true. That was a widely distorted OPINION piece in the 9/18 WSJ, that has been debunked every time it has been touted by right wing fake news operatives.

    • Hate is really what they do best. California hate is just up there near the top with things like homeless, people of color and particularly immigrants, to name just a few.

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