Have to move fast this morning. A doctor visit. Nothing new bothering me. Merely a follow up to pancreas attack and recent fall to determine if everything ok. Should be.

The pancreatitis knocked me on my ass for 6 weeks. With fingers crossed, I tell you I feel well at the moment. Weight good. Body out of shape however in many regards. Requires some exercise.

I opted for walking. Hope to make it a daily thing.

Hot and humid in Key  West these days. The humidity the killer. Extremely heavy. Impossible to walk outside. Decided on the Home Depot. Air conditioned. Began yesterday. Did a whole 15 minutes. A good start. I was tired at the end of 15 minutes and stopped because of it.

An historic day in American history. On this day in 1898, the Battle of San Juan Hill took place. Teddy Roosevelt leading the Rough Riders up the hill to victory.

A little known fact. The Rough Riders was a special unit consisting of western cowboys and eastern blue bloods.

The Spanish-American War and Key West have several connections.

Many of the American troops embarked for Cuba from Key West. A mere 90 mile trip. A large number of the sailors who died when the Battleship Maine exploded are buried in the Key West Cemetery. Each year Key West has a special service at their graves to commemorate their sacrifice. Following the War, a special hearing was conducted at the Custom House to determine the reason why the Maine sunk. Consisted of a high level blue panel. At the time, the Custom House was a recently constructed federal building.

Key West’s progress in public transportation similar to what occurred in most U.S. communities. In the late 19th century, the street cars were horse drawn. Then came electric street cars. A major event! Finally on this day in 1926, the electric street cars were replaced by buses.

Buses it is to this day and in the foreseeable future.

New York City’s Pride Parade yesterday. One of the largest in history.

Key West did itself proud. A significant number attended the Parade to carry the 100 foot Rainbow Flag and to otherwise participate in the march.

Back in the 1970’s, a new cigarette hit the market. It was specifically directed at women. Its slogan: You’ve Come A Long Way Baby! You’ve come a long way could also apply to gay acceptance in the United States.

In 1969, 49 States had laws providing that gay sex among consenting adults was a crime. New York had a law on the books that it was illegal for 2 men to dance together. The law was in effect till 1971.

An interesting political occurrence. Presidential primary candidates have submitted their second quarter figures.Mayor Pete Buttigiez leads the pack. Raised $24.8 million. Number of those donating since the beginning of his campaign 400,00.

The figures significant.

The game plan for this evening is Dueling Bartenders at Aqua followed by dinner at La Trattoria. Hope I make both!

Enjoy your day!


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  1. I remember my father telling me, and he was in a position to know, was a direct result of the tire companies lobby, with some help from General Motors. Street cars were far more efficient, but the Tire companies were far smarter and even then knew how to get to politicians.

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