Busy morning, busy day, busy evening ahead. Ergo, a Morning Stew. Topics laid out as they appear in my notes.

Dana Millbank wrote an Opinion piece recently in the Washington Post. “Trump the best thing since sliced bread! And he invented sliced bread!”

Doris Day died at the age of 97 monday. A movie star great.

Pure innocence. Whatever part she played. Prominent in the 1950’s and 1960’s. A singer as well.

Always left the theater happy after viewing one of her films.

The 2016 Presidential race numbers interesting. I learned something new yesterday. Perhaps it will be new to you also.

Clinton won the popular vote by 3 million votes. She beat rump in California by 4,250,000 votes.

Which means she beat Trump in the rest of the nation by only 1,250,000 votes.

Which means Clinton did not whip Trump’s ass all over the U.S.

What will the DOW do today? Down 618 points yesterday. Keep up the good work, Donald!

Beware. The Trump/Pompeo/Bolton war cry re Iran does not make sense. Trump broke the treaty several months ago. Iran continued to abide by it. Now Iran has advised it will consider the pact broken by them in 60 days.

In the past 2 days, 2 Saudi Arabian oil tankers were sabotaged. Additionally, 2 Saudi oil rigs were attacked.

The Saudis blame the Iranians. They are probably correct.

My concern is that Trump and the Saudis are the very best of friends. Trump will use this as a reason/consideration for a U.S. attack on Iran.

Note also that Israel wants Iran destroyed. Which would result in Israel becoming the major military force in the Mideast. Trump and Netanyahu friends and birds of a feather. Trump would be helping Israel big time if it invaded Iran.

Trump announced 2 days ago that he considers Iran a “bad problem.” It was further announced yesterday that the U.S. was considering sending 120,000 troops to the area.

The U.S. a democracy. Many are fighting to keep it so.

Citizens of a democracy do not pursue political opponents criminally. Trump does not understand this.

Attorney General Barr announced yesterday that he had assigned the task of investigating how/who/why the Russian investigation began  following the 2016 election. Barr assigned the task to Connecticut U.S. attorney John H. Durham.

Again, criminally pursuing a political enemy a no no. Makes the U.S. look like a banana republic or dictatorship. Such an investigation is also an exceptional abuse of power.

Beware America! Wake up!

I particularly love the evening of July 4th. Sitting comfortably at home watching our Nation celebrate its birthday.

The event has been held as far back as I can recall at the Mall before the Capital. Hundreds of thousands at the event. Symphonic music, great singing, fireworks, etc. The evening revitalizes everyone’s love for America.

Trump announced yesterday he wants to change it.

Wants the celebration to be held in front of  the Lincoln Memorial. During which he will give a speech standing with the majestic Lincoln statue behind him.

A Lincoln Trump is not.

Trump’s intent a partisan political move. Strictly to stroke his ego.

Trump has “effectively taken charge” of planning for the celebration.

From my perspective, July 4 should be a time to remember what binds us as a country, not exploit what divides us.

The Korean War produced several aces. One was Captain Manuel “Pete” Fernandez. Credited with shooting down 14 MIG planes.

Fernandez was born in Key West. His parents emigrated from Spain. First settled in Cuba. Then Key West. Finally, Miami.

Last night, Dueling bartenders. Did not drink. Enjoyed the music. Chatted with Lynda and Bob Frechette. Met their visiting daughter from Chicago.

Mary there, also. We had dinner together later at La Trattoria. Sat next to Guy deBoer. Said hello to Dink.

I again did not drink and ate little.

Guy amazes me. He does the unexpected. Sometimes a bit on the wild side. He has signed up for a sailboat race across the Atlantic. Five thousand miles. Only one person per boat. A man and the sea thing. He has already paid the $5,000 entrance fee. Trip to take 5 months.

A man off courage and a little bit crazy. Probably more crazy. Five months alone on the high seas in a sailboat.

Does not turn me on. Good luck, Guy! Be sure to return.

Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou tonight at 9. Join me. The show always interesting. I rant and rave about this and that. You may agree or disagree. Whatever, guaranteed you will enjoy.

Enjoy your day!



7 comments on “MORNING STEW #11

  1. Mr. Milbank’s op-ed piece on sliced bread, was brilliant. I remember reading that back in February and thinking how good sarcasm can be when done when it doesn’t come from hate but rather intellect. I also though his sarcastic wit was probably lost on that minority of people who could probably benefit from it most, Trump’s base, who don’t seem to have a clue when it comes to irony.

  2. Clinton won the popular by over three million votes. We are the United States regardless of where the votes happen and we stand as such.

    She did beat him in that regard….plain and simple

  3. Lou wrote: Clinton won the popular vote by 3 million votes. She beat rump in California by 4,250,000 votes.

    Which means SHE BEAT TRUMP IN THE REST OF THE NATION by only 1,250,000 votes.

    This is incorrect Lou, if you remove California, Trump won the popular vote in the rest of the nation. Look at the numbers again. California is what pushed Clinton over the top.

  4. OK, twist it or spin it what ever way you want to, but the fact remains that Hillary Clinton had more people (that’s of ALL Americans) vote for her than did Trump and by a considerable margin. Even in the face of unprecedented voter suppression and manipulation by Republicans, say nothing of the proven foreign government help and hacking of our voting system. Why is it that in the last 20 years, all the Republican presidents in this country have been able gain access to their office without a majority vote by the people of this country?

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