Great writers have found their way to Key West over the years. Judy Blume one of them. Judy calls Key West home. Still writes. Her books have sold 88 million volumes.

She is the icon of children, teen and adult fiction. Her writing personal. Especially her earliest works which were and continue to be helpful to young ladies world wide. Her books concerned issues facing young women growing up. Things like periods, birth control, and anxiety about bra size.

Her early works were censored. They were penned at a time when sex and puberty were not matters for public discussion.

Today’s Guardian carries an interesting article. Titled The Ten Best Judy Blume Quotes. I never read the Judy Blume books for young ladies. Periods and bra size were never my concern. The quotes indicate the need for what she wrote and what I missed. Missed I believe as a father. The matters she wrote about were better left to mother.

Some of the quotes set forth in The Guardian.

“I don’t think I’ll ever get married. Why would I? All it does is make you miserable.”

“Like my mother said, you can’t go back to holding hands.”

“That’s not a bad word…hate and war are bad words, but fuck isn’t.”

“Are you there God? It’s me Margaret. I just told my mother I want a bra. Please help me grow, God. You know where.”

My KONK Life column this week was published yesterday. It is carried in today’s E-Blast and has been linked to my website Titled We Lost Our Way. About screw ups which reflect our moral compass has been lost.

Greece. My Greece. Woe!

Greece is and has been since 2010 a nation under occupation. Economically. The Euro nations dictating policies and priorities. In every conceivable way. Micro managing. The noose was placed around Greece’s neck. The Euro nations led by Germany squeezed Greece tighter and tighter.

Blame not Greece alone. The Eurounion bears responsibility. It has had the governmental control of Greece in hand for five years. Things have not gotten better in that time. Worse, actually.

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4 comments on “MORE JUDY BLUME

  1. “Blame not Greece alone. The Eurounion bears responsibility. It has had the governmental control of Greece in hand for five years. Things have not gotten better in that time. Worse, actually.”

    I totally agree. German investors and banks bear a great deal of responsibility as in their greed for rate of return they ignored the very traits they decry about Greece as they loaned money. Not very good “Due Diligence” on their part and so they should suffer as well with a loss of principal. Nothing in life is guaranteed, especially crummy investments one should have known better than to buy.

  2. All Greece had to do is collect its taxes. Their citizens don’t pay their taxes and the government is too lazy to collect them. That 86 billion would have kept them out of this trouble, but, they knew they would be bailed out again. Maybe the third time is a charm. Ain’t socialism great.

    • I totally agree Patrick. Greece is a fiscal wreck and has been for years, decades really. That is exactly why I would never have invested in anything Greek (other than a vacation or buying some olives). The risk of loss was huge. However, I have no sympathy for the banksters and investors who went for the big 15% bond returns. They should have known that such high returns meant the bonds were issued by a nation that was a financial time bomb and there was a good chance they will lose their investment.

      Now everyone should lose, the people who don’t pay taxes, the people who magically “retired” at 50 on full salary (how does that work I’d like to know) and those that lent money to this group…all should lose. Next time maybe they pay taxes, retire after 30-35 years of work to a 50% contributory pension and don’t lend money to a huge risk and perpetuate this fiscal bad behavior and then when it does sink demand total repayment.

  3. I don’t know Marty where folks are getting their economics degrees from today, maybe from a Cracker Jack box. But they just don’t seem to have any common sense either. If sense was common then everyone would have some. Part of the new Greece bailout includes increased taxes ! Thats laughable.

    But, I fear we’ll be there in a decade or two. We just happen to have more depth and buffers. Puerto Rico is there right now [ 80 billion] and I can’t wait to see how we handle that. Our current 18 trillion debt I see as unpayable.

    Maybe these new economics are like the new math. I grew up in the days when 2+2=4 not 5.

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