There are more US $100 bills in circulation than US $1 bills.

Hard to believe.

I don’t see it. I always have many $1 bills in my pocket. Rarely $100 ones unless I ask specifically for a few at a bank.

All linked to global corruption and hoarding. Twelve billion of them. Eighty percent located overseas.

Those involved in crime related ventures use the $100 bills to transact business. No checks. Bills not traceable.

Then there are those who fear an economic collapse. They hoard $100 bills.

Finally, there are those who do not wish anyone, government or otherwise, to know the extent of their assets. Secrete $100 bills.


Some nights are special. Last night was one of them. I had dinner with Donna and Terri. We had a roaring time. From 7-10. We were the last to leave.

We ate at Hurricane Hole. Probably a year since I was last there. What a difference a year makes! Expanded. At least one third more tables. Even a large kids area. A  2 story pirate ship with slides and other things to keep the young ones occupied. While mom and dad enjoy a quiet meal. One eye on the food, the other on their child/children.

The season unusually good. Many tourists. Evident by the number standing and waiting for a table.

A great afternoon ahead. Syracuse/Wake Forest. At Wake Forest. Syracuse a 7.5 point favorite.

I assume we will win. Hopefully.

I will be lounging in an easy chair in the living room watching the game. Tip off time noon.

A special honor has been bestowed upon Key West. A high honor. The USS Billings will be commissioned in August in Key West. Full ceremony.

The Billings is a littoral combat ship that specializes in support roles such as mine countermeasures and anti-submarine warfare.

Key West has only had one other such honor. In 2011, the USS Spruance was commissioned here.

I want to congratulate our President. He did it again. Screwed something up!

He has threatened Venezuela with invasion, sent the Vice-President on the road to rabble rouse Venezuelan neighbors, shipped goods to the border, etc.

Trump is not being humanitarian. He wants control of the oil reserves. The largest in the world.

So does Russia. Putin smart. He sits back and does relatively nothing. Lets Trump rant, rave and raise hell.

Maduro had enough. He announced yesterday that he was moving Venezuela’s state owned oil firm PDVSA’s office to Moscow.

Congratulations, Mr. President! You did good! It never ends. Putin outfoxing you. You are no competition for your “friend” Putin?

Trump had another “victory” this past week. The summit with Kim in Hanoi.

Trump suggests he and Kim have a kumbaya relationship. Trump “loves” Kim.

Didn’t end that way in Hanoi.

The two did not even appear together at the end of the summit. Nothing was accomplished. Trump immediately went on the air without Kim and explained why.

Several hours later, 2 North Korean delegates did a press conference. A rarity for the North Koreans. They indicated the facts were not as represented by Trump.

Keep it up, Mr. President! You are doing a terrific job! First you alienate our allies and pursue dictators. Your new found friends. Now you are pissing the dictators off.

Who will be left to love us in the end?

The U.S. will be alone by the telephone.

Tonight, I don’t know. The Chart Room first, of course. Then where ever the evening takes me.

Enjoy your day!




  1. Not only did the Koreans say that Trump misrepresented the facts, but now our own State Department has come out and said that President Trump’s stated reasons for the talks to have fallen apart, are wrong and that what the Korean’s said are correct.

    And to think here in America Republican supporters want to talk about one of Trumps strongest supporters, Michael Cohen, can’t be trusted because he lied while trying to protect that same President.

    • That’s not the point. What is happening is that Trump blew another one because of his poor skills or maybe because he is beholding to Putin. Bad deal for the US either way! Poor leadership. Not something Bush would have allowed. We are watching our world leadership slip away before our very eyes and half our population is letting it happen, even cheering,

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