There is a video on the internet of an 11 month baby girl laughing. Laughing uncontrollably because she is hearing for the first time.

When Scarlet Benjamin was 3 months old, she suffered a bacterial infection. Scarlet was treated with antibiotics. The antibiotics caused her to lose most of her hearing. Enough so that she could not hear everyday sounds.

A special hearing aid was devised. Tried yesterday for the first time. Scarlet on her mother’s lap. Her older sister began talking to her.

Scarlet looked at her strangely, then began to laugh uncontrollably. Non-stop.

Scarlet’s mother joined in. Scarlet continued her laughing. Mom of course began crying.

The video is titled “Best Days of Our Lives.” Filmed by Natalie Newport, National Curator of WAPT 16 ABC.

Don’t miss it! Have a tissue in hand as you watch.

In the course of 72 hours, Syracuse played its worse game of the year and then its best.

Syracuse lost to George Tech. Looked terrible! Last night, Syracuse played #1 Duke on Duke’s home court. Syracuse looked terrific. Won 95-91 in overtime.

Both teams played well.

Interestingly, Syracuse was down 12-0 at the beginning of the game. I was moaning. It was going to be that kind of night! They came back, however. And beat the mighty Duke!

Chris from Syracuse e-mailed me. He suggested Syracuse only play top 20 teams. Syracuse wins! Play lesser talent and Syracuse loses.

Tonight, Boys’ Night Out. Seven at Guy deBoer’s home 3732 Flagler Ave. If it was not tuesday, I would go. Never have been. Tuesday night my podcast. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou.

The show 9 my time. I have so much material to vent over. Amazing! It has been an active week.

Join me for a fast moving half hour. Guaranteed you will enjoy.

One of Key West’s leading figures Lynda Frechette is now doing a column for a New York City publication. Cabaret Hot Spot.

Lynda will be reporting re the Key West area.

Her first column has already appeared. Terri Smith and Terri’s recent appearance for several evenings at the Little Room Jazz Club.

You can only appreciate Crystals and Coconuts if you visit the store. Stop in and chat with owner Angie Gilligan. The store sits at 803 Whitehead. Can’t miss it.

Strange winter weather this year. Hot and cold back and forth. The past 2 days 80. Today and tomorrow in the 60’s. Night and day.

The southern border is going to be even more crowded. A new caravan has left Honduras headed our way. Six hundred strong.

Simultaneously, it has been announced that the U.S. military at the border has had their deployment extended to September. I worry that at some point, bullets will fly. Something neither the migrants nor soldiers want.

As I write, I can hear the TV set in the background. William Barr is being sworn in. He is the nominee for Attorney General. A Senate committee is doing its advise and consent.

Barr concerns me because of a report he wrote a few years ago supporting executive power and indicating that a President was beyond prosecution, etc. With the Mueller investigation coming to a head, that memo and whatever his position is today becomes of extreme importance.

Enjoy your day!


  1. Congrats to The Orange!! That was the first time in 90 tries that an unranked team beat a #1 ranked Duke on their home court.

  2. I don’t understand why we have a border. Why can’t these people from Honduras just come across our border?? Then they could come by the 10s of thousands.

    That is the way it should be. If we are the greatest country in the world, we should not have any restrictions on people wanting to come here. We then would be the only country in the world to allow anyone and everyone in. Sounds like Utopia to me.

  3. Do you ever get the feeling that Trump is planning to invade Mexico? He already has the Army at the border. You know, declare a national emergency and send in the troops to protect the American people. Then he could create a heavily armed buffer zone along the Mexican side of the border. Sound like a plan? His buddy Putin invaded the Crimea and nobody did anything about it. Who in the World would challenge Trump? Russia was our only serious rival and Putin is bff with Trump. Maybe that’s what they discussed at that secret meeting.

  4. Why not? It worked for Bush in Iraq, although his “emergency” was WMDs back then. He too had the American people convinced it was an emergency when it wasn’t.

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