I came across this quote in yesterday’s Key West Citizen. it was buried on a back page. Easy to miss. The quote is by William Ernest Hemley. The purpose in sharing it is that there may be a person out there who could use the boost it gives.

“I am the master of my fate; the captain of my soul.”

Hope it helps someone.

The Key West Lou Legal Hour was yesterday morning. The show went well. I was pleased. The material was excellent and flowed easily. Post show comments revealed the breast implant explosive situation and the implications of Bradley Manning’s transgenderism garnered the most interest.

I have decided to write next week’s KONK Life column on the issue of Bradley’s transgenderism. Contrary to what a U.S. Army spokesman said yesterday, taxpayers will be paying for his hormone therapy and sex change operation. You can bet money on it!

Jenna was at the television station. I had not seen her for well over two months. First, I was away in Europe and then she in Los Angeles on vacation. It was good to see her.

Crystal engineers my show. She was at the studio, also. Does a terrific job.

Two lovely women taking caring for me. I am a lucky man!

Truly being back in Key West involves visiting places I frequent and enjoy. I had already done the Chart Room and Don’s Place. For lunch yesterday, it was Blossoms. I was really home! Cuban cheese toast with tomato and a cup of Cuban coffee.

Ran into Michael Dennis. One of Key West’s leading authors. Michael has published several books. Good reading!

The Chart Room last night. The ravishing Emily bartending. Sheila, Katherine and Sean there, also.

Met Tom from Annapolis at the bar. He is a lieutenant with the fire department and also a nurse. A nice guy. He was spending a few days at the Pier House. Yesterday, he had gone out fishing. Caught several different fish. The Pier House restaurant gladly cooked them for him.

Then to Don’s Place. Chatted with Erika, Hershel, David, Ron, and Michael. Most bocce team mates. David our captain. Ergo, bocce the item of discussion.

We played lousy thursday night. The whole team. We know it. David was pointing out the errors of our ways. In a nice fashion, of course. Like how the worse game he has ever saw was our 16-1 loss in the second game. Hershel and I played in the second game.

I started having trouble with my cell phone and tablet on the European trip. Could not keep them charged. Was getting all of six hours on the cell phone.

I went to Verizon. Was told I needed a new battery. Bought one. Cell phone still would not hold a charge.

Sloan suggested earlier this week that perhaps my cord had become defective. I have several and use them interchangeably. I went out and bought some new cords.

I am into the fourth day of my cell phone charge. Wonderful!

I share the cord information in the event any of you are experiencing a similar problem.

Enjoy your day!

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