Two madmen facing off against each other. Not caring about their people. Caring about their images. Ready to blow up the world.

A nuclear apocalypse in the making.

God help us!

At first I thought it was Kim Jung Un playing his usual game. Not at all. Donald Trump has welcomed the challenge. The bravado that goes with it.

Instead of calm diplomacy, Trump adds fuel to the fire daily. Terms like…..Fired and ready…..Locked and loaded.

Face is especially important in the Far East. Jung Un is being backed into a corner.

Trump in the meantime is in all his glory. Watching him on television yesterday, he was on a high. On the biggest stage in the world. He has thrown the gauntlet down. Telling Jung Un in effect…..Don’t screw with me!

If nuclear war occurs, I can see Trump and Jung Un at the end. Each sitting on top of massive death and destruction in their respective countries. Each thinking as Jack Horner once said…..Oh, what a good boy am I!

My yesterday began pleasantly. As was the whole day. A haircut with Lori.

Then to Lisa’s to pick up Robert and Ally for an afternoon with Poppa.

I walked in. Everyone looked at me strangely. Robert and Ally had friends in. I saw Robert eating a sandwich. Why are you eating? We are going out for lunch?

Yes, we are going out for lunch. Not yesterday, however. Saturday. I screwed up. It happens at my age.

Last night the Chart Room. A unique time.

At some point the Chart Room was empty. Just David, John and Louis. For about 45 minutes. The silence overwhelming.

David and I sat at the round table. Enjoyed a terrific conversation. No background noises bothering us. Not enough booze imbibed to affect our thought processes.

It was great! David a thinker. Knowledgeable.

Then to Tavern ‘n Town for the 9-11 Happy Hour. Read the newspapers and enjoyed a light snack.

Jenna called me before I went out last night. We were to go out tonight together. She cancelled. She has a shoot in Fort Lauderdale and is leaving tonight.

She loves me no more!

We agreed we would get together next week.

Donna had telephoned before Jenna. Asked if I wanted to join my lesbian wives tonight. Said, no. Going to dinner with Jenna. Ten minutes later I was on the phone asking Donna if I could join she and Terri tonight.

My dates this evening, the wives! A fundraiser first at Bottle Cap. Then dinner somewhere.

Tom Luna. The best of the best. A good guy. A fixture at Aqua for years. He is leaving. Going to bartend at The Marker wednesday, thursday and fridays from 3-7. He will continue monday nights at Aqua for Dueling Bartenders.

Joanie. Painter Joanie. Bocce Joanie. Don’s Place Joanie.

I mentioned she was sick and at Kendall Hospital in Miami.

Joanie has been diagnosed. Stage 4 liver cancer.

Pray for her!

Key West has been reading William Hackley daily the past couple of years. Thanks to the Key West Citizen that is running excerpts from his diary.

I have suspected Hackley rented slaves. Not an owner. I also suspected Hackley was a good guy. No more.

He mentions in a diary entry this date in 1856 that he whipped Spring. Never heard of Spring before. Whipped him to make him obey.

Spring skipped away and ran home. When he returned, Hackley chained him and “whipped him well.”

Spring has to be either a slave or a dog. Whipping in neither instance acceptable. Hackley no longer held in the high esteem by me.

Finally, David Wolkowsky recognition. On this day in 1968, David opened the Pier House Motel. Today the site of the Pier House Resort. Big trees from little acorns grow.

David juvinated that end of Duval. He rejuvenated other areas of Key West. The Key West we know would not have been without him.

Enjoy your day!


  1. Actually, I think we should mostly fear that Trump will try and tell us that Kim Jung Un has launched a missile into the Gulf of Tonkin, tipped with a bomb made of Niger Yellowcake he obtained from some guy in Italy and that he we need to fear for our lives and retaliate right away. Oh, and he has documents to prove it!

    • I would assume Trump would tell the nation on Twitter:

      Sorry, but at least I have a bunker. It is Huge!

  2. NK. We have had, as had the rest of the world, problems with NK for decades.
    We have done nothing but placate/appease this country which has done nothing.
    i would suggest listening to bill clinton’s speech’s going back as far as 1993.

  3. Louis: Calm down old buddy. This country has been playing games with this fool, his father and grandfather for the past 40 years. This BS has reached the point where someone with a set has said “ENOUGH”. In case you have not been paying attention China, Russia and others are now telling NK to back off. Having been a long and faithful reader of yours I’ll bet you would not use this tone if Obama had been making these threats to NK. Your disdain for Trump is blinding your good sense. If the Hildabeast had been elected we would be just kicking the can down the road until this little fat POS dropped a number of nukes on us.

    • Larry & Patrick – and look how well that rush to “stand up to tyrants” worked out with Saddam Hussein! We beat his butt, didn’t we? Yet, we’ve been their now over 15 years and not only did he NOT have nukes to defend himself, he didn’t have any aeroplanes or even air defense system to defend against us. No Navy and a military that hadn’t been ‘refreshed’ for a decade. That won’t be the same in NK, and we won’t have any allies to help us now. Don’t forget, we didn’t win the last war with NK either! In fact, we basically had to give up, just to get out of that mess. So now we have this bully who’s gonna take care of things, a guy that may not even know exactly where Pyongyang actually is, without asking an aide, or maybe his caddy! You want to complain about Obama or Clinton having “appeased” their way out of conflict, ignoring tat it was Bush/Cheney and thereby reneged on our agreements with NK because their doctrine was “no appeasement” after which NK actually began it’s current missile and Nuke program ? Is that because you can’t understand “negotiate” peace (or pronounce it) and only see “getting tough”as any kind of solution de jour?

      • My late Father-in-Law spent 3 years as a “guest” (POW) of our friends the Chinese during the Korean War after the 1st Calvary was overrun at the Yalu River thanks to the Army not believing the Chinese would invade.

        He always said that the war was never over, just stopped. I guess it might start-up again, only this time around everybody has nuclear weapons. Should be Huge!

        Realistically, the only option for the US is to let Kim remain and then leverage China into eliminating his nukes in exchange for a solid deal that the US will back away from Korean unification. Too bad for the people of North Korea but the world has a lot of hell holes, even here.

        Obviously, my family knows China is NOT our friend.

        • We might need to factor in that Mr. Trump REALLY needs war. It’s his only hope of diverting attention away from everything else.

          • A very true but very frightening scenario and statement. But knowing the size of his ego, very realistic, unfortunately.

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