Key Westers are a loving caring group. The story about to be shared appeared in yesterday’s KONK Life. Unquestionably proof of the loving and caring people who reside in Key West.

In January 2020, Angie Majors was taking a Key West Cemetery stroll. She noted the grave sites of many babies. Babies in years gone by who died. Now forgotten.

Many of the graves a 100 years old. Families long gone. The graves of the innocents unattended for many years. In a state of almost total disrepair.

The babies were mostly buried in the Passover and Windsor sections. One hundred sixty seven in all.

The 167 number at first glance may appear to be “no way.” Forget not however, 100 years involved. Recall also that couples had many children in years long gone by. To assist with living and helping to support the entire family as they got older. If they got older. Forget not that years ago many babies were born dead or did not survive even their first year. Disease was rampant, medical care not the same as today.

It was obvious the graves of the babies needed attention. A renewal of sorts.

Angie had a friend who was a former Key Wester. She had left and not returned for years. She was coming for a visit. She had a baby she lost who was buried in the Key West Cemetery. She was looking forward to visiting her baby’s grave site.

Angie was concerned and upset. No way could she leave the baby’s grave in the condition it was. The shock to the mother would last forever.

Angie got together with her friend Linda Downs. The two of them decided something had to be done. Not to just one grave. To all of the baby graves. They were all in the same condition. Needed help.

Angie and Linda soon learned that the total number of baby grave sites were 167. They assumed the task of seeing that all would be restored.

The two made a generous donation to get the work done.

Volunteers were found to assist. A local sculptor Craig Berube-Gray    created 2 benches. One for each section.

The grave sites were leveled, landscaped and a border installed to keep debris and dirt off the graves.

Volunteers assisted with the work.

Thursday a celebration was held to congratulate Angie and Linda for spearheading the restoration and the sculptor for Berube-Gray for the newly created benches.

The restoration of the grave sites is evidence once again of the goodness and thoughtfulness of Key West residents. It’s for real.

I miss Italian holiday meals.

Two specialties stand out. One cassata, the other sausage pie. Made the same way by my grandmother, mother, and former wife. Certain traditions never die.

Cassata is a ricotta cake of sorts. Candied fruits and shaved chocolate added.

The mixture baked in a big pan. A thick flour crust surrounding the mixed ricotta, etc. Top, sides, and bottom. At least a quarter inch thick. The cassata itself standing at least 3 inches high.

Such would be cooked the day before Easter.

Also prepared and cooked the day before was sausage pie. Again, a thick crust all around. Sausage chopped up inside. Herbs added. Baked in the over also.

The odor of the two treats cooking permeated the house.

The cooking completed, the two were left sitting to cool off. Then refrigerated overnight. Ready as a desert treat on Easter Sunday.

The cassata had one negative. As good as it was, as tasty, it sat in your stomach for hours. As did the sausage pie. Not complaining. Merely sharing.

Atlanta taking a beating. As it should. As all of Georgia should. The newly passed Georgian voting laws restricting access for people of color a disgrace in 2021.

Delta and Coca Cola first came out and nailed Georgia. Georgia retaliated. Told Delta a $1 million tax break under consideration was off the table.

Yesterday, Major League Baseball announced it was moving the All-Star game from Atlanta to another city.

The Blacks have never been better organized. And with a white President totally supporting them.

Republicans know they are a dying group. People of color have slowly been growing. Now a large vocal body. Ten years from now, the Republican Party may not even exist.

The question arises in my mind: Why didn’t Trump pardon his friend Gaetz?

I read this morning that Gaetz may soon be arrested. Word is “his friend” Joel Greenberg “has been singing to the feds.”

A researcher at Florida International University performed a study as to the clarity of Key Waters ocean waters in the time cruise ships have not been permitted entry. His determination: Key West water clearer with the cruise ships gone.

Enjoy your day!


  1. It’s amazing how Republicans (including those who now want to claim “not ME”), got all outraged about how Hillary Clinton was running a pedophile ring in the basement of some Pizza Parlor in New Jersey (which had no basement), yet don’t seem to care to much about Gaetz who does seem to be guilty of sex things with minors himself.

    It’s always about phony and hypocrisy with “them” isn’t it?

    • Let’s just go ahead and a**ume he is guilty of something. No charges, no indictment, no trial, no conviction, no problem. We do it all the time, regardless of party affiliation.

  2. That’s a great story about those people in Key West who helped fix up the cemetery in Key West.

    Not something you are likely to see here in Lakeland or Orlando.

    I’ve never bend to the cemetery in Key West, I think I need to do that next time we go.

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