Happy Easter!

“He is not here, He has risen. Just as He said.” Matthew 28.6

One of the most revealing events in Christian history.

Gonzaga/UCLA perhaps the most perfect and exciting college basketball game ever played. Gonzaga won in overtime when its star player hit a long 3 pointer precisely at the moment time was to expire.

Today will be a quiet one for me. A lounging around morning. A holiday meal Lisa will send over. I am still in self-quarantine. Six days to go.

Plan on finishing a book I began 3 weeks ago and never got back to.

A couple of movies and a nap at some point.

Easter 2021 for me.

Whatever your religion, may your God hold you in His Hand.

Enjoy the day!


23 comments on “HAPPY EASTER!

    • Well, he did win, didn’t he?

      What does that say about his opponent?

      Democrats, seemed to know what they were doing, eh?

      Maybe you want to put a little sugar on that new T-Shirt of yours. It will make gagging a little more fun while you eat it, fool.

  1. Well, there are some that say he won.

    It was enjoyable getting the nods, smiles and fist bumps this AM at breakfast.

    • Yes, quite some, those mostly being the people responsible for counting and certifying the votes and the courts where it was challenged, EVERY one of them.

      P/S/, sorry to hear you were attacked at breakfast, again.

  2. Boy, did 60 minutes nail DeSantis as a corrupt elitist Pay-for-play pol, or what?

    but MOST people in Florida have been saying that all along.

    • Except maybe for that fool in Volusia County, who thinks he’s Saint DeSantis, who sits at the right hand of Herr Donald and Chancellor Hanity

  3. I can’t/won’t speak for ‘ that fool in Volusia county ‘ , but, in my county 80% of those over 65 have been vaccinated with thousands more getting jabbed every day. Now anyone over, I believe, 16 can get it.

    If one wants to look at ‘pay for play ‘ then one also needs to look at your president and his family.

    • Willie you troll and pest. How many people suffered and died unnecessarily while waiting to get to the point where 80% of those people in your county have NOW been vaccinated because of DeSantis bungling. I’ll bet that either you are in Palm Beach county where DeSantis helped steer everything that way, or 99% of those 80% in your county, got their shots somewhat recently, after Biden got things turned around. Under Biden nearly 100 million new shots have already been done.

      Please verify your accusations about President Biden responsible for any “pay for play.” You are well known for making wild accusations and never backing it up with any facts.

  4. !/3 of Americans have received vaccinations which is due to our former President getting the vaccine research and production rolling when he did. If he did nothing, as you like to claim, we would have no vaccine yet.

    • Willie, you seem to either be dishonest or just uninformed. Trump had VERY little to do with getting vaccine going, which started when the Chinese sent us the DNA of the virus before ANYONE in America was aware that there even was a virus.

      The first successful vaccine came from Pfizer, which was NOT part of any program Trump created to get “the vaccine research and production rolling when he (finally) did.”

      In fact, Trump more than anyone is famously known as hindering any vaccine and especially any distribution of any vaccine. Remember him saying “it’s up to the states to figure that out”

      It is amazing how willing you are to distort and misrepresent the facts – just to troll and pest.

  5. Trump and Pence met with Pfizer on 3/2/20 to push the vaccine production.
    Fauci at that time didn’t want the vaccine given to the public for 1.5 yrs.
    Its easy to look this up, it just takes a little effort.

    • Willie Feets, it is amazing how willing you are to distort and misrepresent the facts – just to troll and pest.

      Your description of Trump’s efforts are misleading at best and dishonest at worst.

      Perhaps maybe you want to ‘google’ – “Trump refused to buy Pfizer vaccines” or “Pfizer, Moderna decline White House’s ‘vaccine summit’ invitation” or “Trump only pushed for vaccines when tied to election issues” This list goes on and on.

      Trump did however push through emergency action to speed up FDA approval, shortening trial tests and should be given credit for that, instead of the criticism that has ironically led to a significant number of Republicans claiming that these vaccines are not safe.

    • That meeting at the very beginning of March was really nothing but a photo op and lasted maybe 10 minutes at best. I know that because I was a NPR intern at the time and was there. It was considered a joke. If you recall correctly, Trump was calling the pandemic a ‘hoax” back then and still very much insisting it would all be over in a month or two when it warmed up a little.

      Don’t try and reinvent the truth.

  6. No reinvention required. wsj and even the beloved cnn reported it extensively.

    An npr intern just means your still a wet behind the ears progressive pup.

    • progressive pup? perhaps that true, but it doesn’t mean I didn’t know what was happening, along with everyone else – it was just a photo op, basically a joke.

      Please remember that it was only 3 days earlier (28 Feb 2020) that Trump called Covid a “hoax” and that it would all be gone in a couple of months, comparing it to the “common flu” (his words).

      Suggesting Trump was anything but annoyed and dismissive of this entire virus thing at the time, IS attempted reinvention, regardless of what you NOW want us to all believe.

      This is YOUR spin, not what actually happened – spin it all you want, it won’t change your misleading deception.

      I can see first hand why people call your a liar and a troll.

    • Willie P. (using any of the names he posts with), can’t be taken seriously on this or anything else he says. After all, he believes that Trump actually won the 2020 presidential election vote.

      Ignore him, he’s just a lying fool.

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