A life frustration hit me squarely between the eyes last night!

I did my blog talk radio show at 9. Immediately thereafter, the phone calls and e mails started coming in….. Where were you?….. I could hear nothing!

That is the way it goes! I do not know what happened.

To compound the situation, people were also advising me they could hear the archived version which is published immediately following the show.

Tell me why!

Visited with Lisa in the morning. Spent some time bonding with Jake. Apparently I needed it. I thought we were friends. When I walked in yesterday, Jake started barking like I was the enemy.

Jake got out of captivity. Lisa’s rear yard is fenced in. Somehow Jake got out into the front yard. Fortunately, the front yard is also fenced in.

Jake has come king pin in the Malcolm household!

Key West weather the past few days has not been very good. On the sucky side. This morning brings a change. It is magnificent outside! Blue sky. No clouds. Bright sun. Comfortable temperature. I suspect we are on the way to an 80 degree day.

The mighty fall! The mighty have been falling all year in college basketball.

Last night it was Kentucky’s turn. Kentucky did not make the NCAA tournament. The team was not considered good enough this year. An insult since Kentucky won it all last year and was ranked #1 nationally.

Second class teams get invited to the NIT. Kentucky was so invited this year. They were seeded #1. First round games were last night. Mighty Kentucky lost to pipsqueak Robert Morris. Insult upon insult!

Friday’s TV/internet show is around the corner. The Key West Lou Legal Hour. Nine in the morning. Join me. Interesting today topics discussed.

Enjoy your day!

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