Stealing little girls not a Keys’ problem.

Could have been yesterday.

Ten year old Anna Rogers lives on Big Pine. She texted her mother she was going to the library. Her mother said ok.

Lisa never arrived at the library. Panic set in. Properly so. Anna’s mother called the Sheriff’s Department. They immediately went to work.

Anna veered off course. She deviated from the library route. No one had run off with her.

Instead, she ended up on a boat. The boat of a girl friend’s parents. Anna was asked by the parents if she had permission to go on the boat. Little Anna said, “Yes.”

God love the little ones!

And so it began. The fear.

The situation favorably closed when Anna returned.

I suspect Anna’s mother held Anna tight and shed tears at her happiness. I further suspect following the tears of joy, Anna’s mother gave her a lecture.

All is well that ends well.

Watched Syracuse/Notre Dame at noon yesterday. A Syracuse disaster. Notre Dame won 84-66. Syracuse simply does not have it this season. Not jelling. Lazy, also. Arms down on defense. The opposition easily penetrating the zone defense.

There’s always next year.

The Women’s March yesterday impressed me. Big time! Wow!

Washington 500,000, Chicago 150,000, Boston 125,000. Over five million world wide.

Even Key West was involved. One thousand anticipated. Three thousand five hundred showed up.

Appears Trump’s election was the wake up call. It all started on Facebook in a November post by Theresa Shook. A woman in her 60s. Grandmother of four. She recommended the March. She was in Washington yesterday.

Big trees from little acorns grow.

The March appeared to be a rebuke of Trump’s election. His election apparently a wake up call.

The ladies tough. They all are. Never underestimate a woman.

Many wore pink pointed hats labeled Pussy. Some carried signs This Pussy Bites Back. Tough language. The women were on a mission.

There were other signs and other language.

Lets see what comes of the March. Now that it is over, is that it? Or, will the ladies organize, gather strength and move forward?

Last night, Berlin’s for dinner. Always enjoyable.

Tomorrow the day! My new show debuts. Go Live with Key West Lou. On Facebook. Pull out your cell phone, go to Facebook and enter Key West Lou.

There I will be! You can see as well as hear me.

Several segments a day. Thirty to sixty seconds each. I will comment on whatever moves me at the moment. Show archived.

A beautiful morning. One problem, however. The wind is coming from the south. A hard wind. Ripples in the pool.

Generally, whenever the wind blows in from the south, a storm follows.

I checked the weather reports. No storm predicted. High winds, yes. Temperature 82.

Roe v. Wade was decided this date in 1973 by the U.S. Supreme Court. Legalized abortion. I fear a Trump nominee will be anti-abortion and the right of women to choose will be lost in a 5-4 decision.

Our country crazy big time!

Enjoy your Sunday!



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