Normally, I write my KONK Life column on Sunday. This week I got a day ahead. Did it yesterday. Title…..Legalization of Prostitution.

The topic was selected because rumblings can be heard that it is time. Germany thought it was the time in 2002. I wrote an article three years ago re Germany’s post legalization experience. I added that article on to yesterday’s. The two tie in well together..

The column publishes Wednesday.

Dinner with Eddie last night. Eddie is a friend of many years from the bocce courts. We never had been out together before. Decided to get together for dinner last night.

Interesting the things you learn about a person once you have the opportunity to chat a while.

We were dining at Tavern ‘n Town. Michael Emerson on the guitar and singing. Eddie said I know Mike….. I was a musician by trade before I came down with MS. Sure enough. Mike stopped over and the two chatted like long lost friends.

I enjoyed Eddie’s company. I am sure we will do it again.

I was able to sneak some time in while writing yesterday to watch golf. Tiger Woods is doing well. Tied for second going into today’s final round. Hope he wins!

His problem yesterday was putting. He missed a few he has to make if he is to win.

My yesterday was simple. This blog therefore simple.

Enjoy your Sunday!

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