History repeats itself.

Construction of the Leaning Tower of Pisa began in 1173. Its compatriot is the Leaning Tower of San Francisco which opened 2009.

Six hundred forty five feet tall. Fifty eight stories high. Designated the Millennium Tower. A glitzy residential building.

The Millenium is tilting at the rate of 3 inches per year. Total tilt so far 24 inches. As the building tilts, it sinks sideways into the ground. Thus far 17-18 inches.

Engineering experts project that when the tilt gets to 40 inches, parts of the building will cease functioning. Elevators and plumbing will not work.

The Millenium tilted all of 10 inches in one year when steps were taken to stop the tilting. Four days work resulted in the additional 10 inches. The effort experienced limited success.

A solution has been accepted. Work to stop the tilting will begin in the fall. Required will be 18 foot steel pipes installed in bedrock 250 feet under the tower.


Hope all works well!

A citizen has spoken again. In yesterday’s Citizens’ Voice: “If parents were only half concerned about keeping assault weapons out of schools as they are about keeping masks out of schools…..”

I was not a fan of Neil Gorsuch when he was nominated for the Supreme Court. My feelings have not changed since he became a Justice.

Gorsuch’s conduct on the bench since last friday justify my thoughts concerning the man.

Gorsuch has sat on the bench hearing oral arguments during that time while not wearing a mask. All other Justices did.

Justices Sotomayor and Breyer have not appeared on the bench during the time. They have sat in their private chambers appearing remotely on the bench.

The Court advised all Justices have received their vaccinations.

Sotomayor has diabetes. Makes her more susceptible to COVID. Her seat on the bench is directly next to Gorsuch’s. Beyer’s next to Sotomayor’s. The man is 83. I am 86. I can appreciate his concerns.

Why can’t Gorsuch appreciate their concerns? Be a good neighbor? A gentleman, considerate of others?

I have studied Gorsuch since he was nominated by Trump. He has turned out as I suspected. A far right conservative. A know it all. Similar to those on the streets and in school board meetings who argue against the masks. He thinks he is special.

Again, I cannot understand why he would insult his fellow Justices and himself by failing to wear a mask. Also in sending the wrong message to the American public.

Several years ago I wrote several articles re the desperate need for body parts. So few available that a market had developed for the sale of body parts. A profitable one.

For example, kidneys were going for $150,000-$200,000. The Chinese found body parts a money maker. They were removing them from their long term prisoners and selling them worldwide.

The story of a U.S. surgeon replacing a human heart with a pig’s hit the newstands last saturday. I intentionally did not write about it at the time. My primary concern was to see if the patient survived. So far he has.

The surgery/transplant a wonderous thing! Doctor’s believe it will only take a short time to do the necessary modifications so animal parts can be used on everyone. No more waiting in line hoping an organ is available. No more paying an exorbitant price if a person is able to purchase the necessary organ.

The key is the elimination of rejection.

Note that the patient in this successful story had been deemed ineligible for a heart transplant. His doctor told him his only chance was a new theory using a pig’s heart. The patient went for it!

The word is out. Home office has announced Key West’s K-Mart is closing in mid March.

Enjoy your day!



  1. With K-Mart leaving Key West, nobody but NOBODY is ever going to want to visit or vacation there again., Oy! talk about ruining the charm and beauty of the area!

  2. Key West is a town that has one of the last surviving K-Marts in the world, but could not and would not support “Fast Buck Freddies” one of the best department stores in all the world.

    …and they are unhappy about about that but only shrugged when they lost Fast Buck’s?+

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