Disinfectant, mouthwash, horse worm killer, and now urine. One’s own urine.

Non-medical science moves on!

If it was good enough for Gandhi, it should be good enough for you.

Technically referred to as urotherapy. Promoters claim it will cure COVID-19. Also, HIV, cancer, leukemia and obesity.

The “theory’s principle is Christopher Paul Key. An anti-vaxx “Vaccine Police” leader. This past week Key urged his followers to swear off COVID-19 inoculations and instead “drink their own urine as a cure.”

Key proudly proclaims: “I drink my own urine.” He advised that if drinking the “golden nectar” was bothersome, gargle, snort or inject it.

Makes me wonder. Is anything else being snorted?

Key is a follower/supporter in some fashion of conspiracy theorist Alex Jones.

Alex Jones sells online course work for learning the benefits of drinking the “golden nectar.”

Forrest Gump correct again: “Stupid is as stupid does.”

Many firsts with the COVID plague. The Epoch Times reported 1/13/22 re an Australian hospital in New South Wales where fully vaccinated patients exceed unvaccinated patients. Fully vaccinated meaning 2 shots.

The statistics reported for 1/9/22 revealed COVID patients represented 68.9 percent of those 12 and over. Only 28.8 percent the unvaccinated.

Last night in Florence, Arizona, Trump conducted his first rally of the new year. Titled: Save America.

Trump’s theme the same one he has been enunciating since the November 2020 election: The election was stolen.

He lies. Continues to lie. I doubt he will ever stop.

Interestingly, Arizona has 2.1 million voters. After multiple audits, less than 200 ballots were deemed fraudulent.

Trump made mention of the size of the crowd. All the way back! He also said cars were parked 25 miles back.

If so, why did the media not film the crowd so everyone could see if Trump was speaking the truth. Also, the parking situation.

Proof of a representation is what the eye can behold.

Two quotes from Maureen Dowd’s Opinion piece in yesterday’s New York Times. The article titled More Mojo, Joe!

“Oh, the tribulations of Joe Biden! Kyrsten Sinema humiliated him. Mitch McConnell disrespected him. The Supreme Court blocked him. Vladimir Putin scorned him. Inflation defied him. COVID stalked him. Even Stacey Abrams stiffed him.”

“As hapless as Joe Biden and his coterie are, we can’t give up on the President because he is all that stands between us and the apocalypse at the hands of Trump, DeSantis, Pence, Kristi Noem, and the future Chief Justice Amy Coney Barrett.”

As the world turns, it gets sillier and scarier by the day.

Enjoy your Sunday!




  1. Hospitals on full divert, people are being intubated in ICU.

    Yeah, that is some “next Democrat hoax” and

    “no more dangerous than the flu”

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