I discovered a new place! Le Petit Paris. A tiny restaurant on Duval. Dining inside and out. The outside tables a taste of Paris.

My mid afternoon lunch yesterday absolutely delicious. Lobster Benedict. Served by a cheerful pretty waitress. Cooked obviously by a skilled chef. Though I did not meet him, I testify to the quality based on what I ate.

I would have enjoyed meeting the chef. I understand he is the owner, also. Next time.

The menu suggested meals ranging from breakfast to lunch to dinner. Mouth watering.

Prices neither cheap nor expensive. Down the middle.

I intend to return. Soon!

There will be no blog tomorrow and perhaps wednesday. Maybe not till thursday. I am moving. Reducing the size of my home. From 3,600 square feet to 1,600.

When I bought my Key West home 19 years ago, I had a wife, 4 children and 7 grandchildren. Wife no more. Children and grandkids do their own thing. It’s all alone by the telephone for me.

I am moving to the Golf Course. The Sanctuary. A single two story home. Huge front porch. Small yard surrounded by an 8 foot wall. Jacuzzi in the corner. Waterwise, I am downsizing also. From ocean to jacuzzi.

Comcast screwed me up today. Turned off my internet, TV and land line at 5:30. Supposed to be done tomorrow.

Donna saved my ass! She is concierge at the Fairfield. I am in Fairfield’s lobby working.

First time in Fairfield. A modestly priced hotel. Gorgeous lobby! Looks like a good place to stay.

Met Mike Kelly and Eric Bove. Mike is the general manager of Fairfield and three other new hotels on the Boulevard. Called The Keys Collection. Eric general manager of the Fairfield.

Comcast hookup at the new house wednesday or thursday.

It is good for me to be out with the people as I describe it. I rarely run into what other people come up against.

Gross impoliteness this morning! Two places.

Comcast the first. Nothing is ever easy with them. I was returning the old equipment. Everything else done in a 3 hour phone call friday.

The woman simply was impolite. Did not care about me or my problems.

I observed everyone was treated in a similar fashion.

Then the Post Office.

I have found in the years since the Post Office went private, most of the employees don’t care. They have an attitude about them

All I wanted to do was file a change of address  card. The place was not busy. Empty most of the time.

I was boring the counter person. She was bothered answering my questions. Handed me a package and said do it.

The Post Office must make a ton of money off advertisements. There had to be a good dozen in the packet. Filled out the wrong form. Not an advertisement. It looked like the right one.

I had a concern. Back to the counter asking if I had done it properly. I had not. She looked at me as if I was an idiot. Bothering her. No other customers at the time.

I miss the days when someone else took care of Comcast, Post Office and other problems. I am an 81 year old inexperienced man when it comes to every day mundane things.

On top of which, I am tired. Two days of packing. Anna working with me. The upstairs air conditioning went kaput late saturday. Fun packing the upstairs!

I apologize for complaining. Needed to vent.

Let me close with something I do not understand.

The U.S. Supreme Court rendered an intermediate decision with regard to the Trump travel ban law. A victory for Trump. The Court is going to render a full decision in the Fall. Suggests to me the Court will go with Trump again.

I disagree with the decision. My country is falling apart. Not just because of one decision. In most respects.

In addition to no blog for a couple of days, I will not be able to do Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou tomorrow night. Need my land line. I suspect I will be getting the Facebook videos in. Done on the cell phone.

Enjoy your day!


6 comments on “LE PETIT PARIS

  1. HaHa….President Trump and I won today – SCOTUS ruling keeping the terrorists out. Louis, Fred, Leanardo and all the other libdem loesrs lost today. hahaha.

  2. “I have found in the years since the Post Office went private, most of the employees don’t care. They have an attitude about them”

    Our local Post Office is a disaster. My mailman gave up delivering packages to the door as my driveway is too long I guess. UPS/Fedex have no problem and deliver right to the front door.

    “HaHa….President Trump and I won today – SCOTUS ruling keeping the terrorists out. Louis, Fred, Leanardo and all the other libdem loesrs lost today. hahaha.”

    What a dumb thing to say but that is what righies do, say dumb things. Nobody wants terrorists. But we do want the Constitution protected and due process. Those are American ideals and regardless of whether we support the rights of the people or billionaires and corporations as your ilk do, we should all want what is best for America. Now somebody needs to tell Mitch McConnell that as he keeps selling-out the citizens to big pharma/medicine.

  3. I sort of agree but as I said earlier. Trump’s Muslim Ban was supposedly a temporary 3 month period to permit Homeland Security to get their vetting procedures in order. Well, it has been way more than 3 months so has Homeland got their act together to vette immigrants from these nations to weed-out ISIS and terrorists from people who need help legitimately? Doesn’t look like it.

    The Constitution does NOT permit exclusion of immigrants becauce they are of a particluar faith. If SCOTUS still does support the Constitution and not simply their side (party) I forsee issues with the Muslim Ban in the fall if it has not been lifted.

    Of course, like so much of the US these days, SCOTUS too maybe has been sold to one particular party and viewpoint so the law and precedent are meaningless. Power is all that matters.

    If you love our “free” nation and Constitutional government you would be concerned just as I am.

  4. Well, good luck with the move. We know how you dislike ‘servile’ work. I hope you kept your clubs.

    Yep, comcast and the post office are royal PITAs.

    • Unfortunately, I had to give up golf several years ago because of heart. Seven holes and I was shot. Exhausted big time. Bocce gone also. Two years ago. Bending made me dizzy. Ball forgot how to make it to the other end of the court.

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