Yesterday by day easy. A haircut with Lori and a stop at Office Max for supplies. In between, the rain. Heavy.

Last night was supposed to be bocce. Rained out.

Went to the Chart Room instead. Emily bartending. Looking and feeling better.

It started as a Tyson, Arkansas night. Met Greg and Jeri from Tyson. They have visited Key West before. Today, they are celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary. Congratulations!

The name Tyson reminded me of chickens. Chickens it was. Tyson, Arkansas is the home of Tyson Foods. Greg a Vice-President with Tyson.

Had an enjoyable conversation with Greg. We got into dieting. He has recently lost 60 pounds. Admirable! His secret of success is an app called My Fitness Pal. Free. You enter some info. The program tell you how many calories a day. You enter everything you eat as you eat it. Adds up the calories for you so you know when to stop.


Jeri a lovely lady. Sorry I did not have more time to chat with her.

Greg and Jeri with Tyson friends Russell and Jana. Tyson employees, also.

While I was enjoying Greg and Jeri, Roger and Cheryl came bursting in. Like a tornado. I had not seen them in months. Good friends. You have heard me mention them many times in the past. Key West snowbirds. Their home originally Chicago. Now, Cape Coral.

They were with former Chicagoans and present Cape Coralers Bob and Cindy. Cindy a personality.

As I was getting ready to leave, David showed up. Some time since our last visit. Stayed and chatted a while.

On the way home decided I was hungry. Stopped at Tavern ‘n Town for lamb chops. Delicious!

My KONK Life column this week is Gertrude Bell…..Desert Queen. It was linked this morning to my Key West Lou website in case you might want to read it.

I have to hustle. Anti-gravity treadmill awaits.

Enjoy your day!


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