One of Key West’s premier muscians and entertainers has done it again!

Larry Smith recently introduced a new video to the world. American Dream – Key West Style. A patriotic musical video. Different it is. Take a look. Runs five minutes.

It was a rainy blustery day yesterday. I stayed in during the day time. Fine tuned today’s internet show. The Key West Lou Legal Hour. Join me. 10 am my time. World wide. I guarantee you will enjoy it.

The show is presently viewed in 38 countries. Amazing!

One of the topics this morning will be Newsweek. It was announced late yesterday that Newsweek will cease publication of its hard copy magazine December 31. It will only be available via the internet. Sad. However a reflection of how time moves on. Yesterday is sometimes no longer popular in today’s world.

KONK Broadcasting has moved. That is why there are new call letters to receive the show. Knowing how things can get screwed up, if you cannot get the show at that address, try the old one.

No bocce last night. The rain flooded the courts. Water ankle deep.

Instead, I stopped at Don’s Place. Visted a while. Then to Pepe’s for dinner.

This is the last day of my trip photos. Four pics. Of steps. Every where on the trip I was confronted with steps. Some difficult to navigate.

The first two photos are of me climbing the steps from my cave in Santorini. It was hard!

The next is a staircase to a restaurant on Santorini. Very little was street level.

The last photo is me looking down some steps toward an outdoor restauant on Mykonos. Note Little Venice in the background.

That’s it for the trip photos! Hope you enjoyed. Next time I promise to be more adept and make the pics part of my daily running commentary.

Tonight is the start of Fantasy Fest. Goombay! I will be doing Goombay. Expect to end up at Blue Heaven and party with Don and friends. Before Goombay, I will be stopping at the Chart Room. Need a shot of Emily. Don and Chris are in. We are meeting for drinks at six.

Remember to watch my show at 10.

Enjoy your day!

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