The weekend, the time. To recall the Labor Day hurricane of 1935. Especially in view of Harvey’s ominous presence.

Hurricanes were not named in 1935. Ergo referred to as the Labor Day hurricane 1935.

The force and destruction of Harvey greater in some respects. Less in others. The 1935 hurricane was considered the biggest of the big in the United States up to that time.

The hurricane struck between Long Key and lower Matecumbe Key. Today, mile markers 73-90 on US 1. The people were aware bad weather was out over the Atlantic. However, it was expected to hit northern Florida. Nowhere near them.

The Overseas Highway was being constructed. Six hundred workers in tents and shacks. Less than 200 alive following the hurricane.

It came in as a category 5. Winds 200 mph. Tides 20 feet above normal. Intense.

Four hundred eighty five killed. Overseas Railroad destroyed, never to be rebuilt.

Survivors in their 80s and 90s remain. One described how ferocious the winds were. She said it ripped the skin of peoples’ ears and clothes off their bodies. Survivors were without clothes for days.

A rescue train was sent from Miami. An engine and ten cars. Just as the train arrived, the hardest part of the hurricane hit. The ten cars were blown off the bridge and into the water. Only the engine remained.

Islamorada was obliterated. Nothing left standing.

Irma is on the way. Still way out. Already a hurricane. Expected to be a category 4 when it hits land.

Where is that land? Not yet known. The track has it going just north of Puerto Rico in a northwest trend. At that point, meteorologists not sure. Will either make a sharp right north over the Atlantic. Or, hit Florida or the Gulf.

I am uncomfortable. The track is straight for the Keys if Irma does not turn.

I had business to attend to yesterday morning. Then a quiet lunch alone at Cuban Coffee Queen. Love the place!

Last night a celebration. For Terri. The doctors have determined she can have certain heavy treatments that will hopefully continue her to live.

Terri is up. Rarin’ to get back in the hospital. Her expected stay at least a month.

A small dinner party at Tavern ‘n Town. Terri, Donna, Art, George and Louis. Fun! A few tears thrown in in-between.

On the way out, I was walking to the garage behind an attractive couple. Early 40’s. As we hit the garage, I heard the male half mention to his lady he thought I was stalking them.

I said, “I heard that!” They swiftly turned around. Assured them I was not a stalker. We had an extremely enjoyable conversation. They were from Scotland. I welcomed them to my country and Key West. They love Key West!

Bocce party tonight! Sons and Daughters of Italy. Pizza and drink first. Bocce play following. Italian music in the background.

Its called remembering your roots! Love the people and the event!

Enjoy your day!




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